Northern Nevada Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
5 Mail Order BridesdeniserowsCarson City, NVCarson City
A Letterbox Near WaterCopterCaperCarson City, NVCarson City
Leave it to beaverstamptrampsCarson City, NVCarson City
Operation LifetinkerCarson City, NVCarson City
Voyage through the Solar SystemMWlittleckjCarson City, NVCarson City
Birds of Tahoe #1 (2)artTrekkerSpooner Junction, NVCarson City
Liberty PondpiguinsFallon, NVChurchill
MindenC-DoggMinden, NVDouglas
Close to HeavenInigoStateline, NVDouglas
Small SailAdoptableStateline, NVDouglas
Birds of Tahoe #2artTrekkerZephyr Cove, NVDouglas
Crossroads Hike Letterbox #2onceuponatimeZephyr Cove, NVDouglas
Ducky's New HomeAdoptableZephyr Cove, NVDouglas
FlumexedBaby BearZephyr Cove, NVDouglas
Missing My Cats A-Bear (&J-Bear)Zephyr Cove, NVDouglas
PonderosaSilver EagleZephyr Cove, NVDouglas
Spooner LakeToucanZephyr Cove, NVDouglas
Carlin CanyonCW Sun SeekerCarlin, NVElko
White KingCW Sun SeekerElko, NVElko
Cowboy PoetryCW Sun SeekerElko, NV, NVElko
Emigrant TrailCW Sun SeekerElko/Carlin, NVElko
Ruby Mountain Letterbox Series (2)CW Sun SeekerElko/Lamoille, NVElko
Nevada TreeAzroadieOasis, NVElko
State Quarters Series; NevadaCW Sun SeekerWells, NVElko
Roll The DiceCW Sun SeekerWendover, NVElko
End of the RainbowKristal & RonWest Wendover, NVElko
Lamb ChopCW Sun SeekerBeowawe, NVEureka
Baqash was in NVBaqashWinnemucca, NVHumboldt
Big BucksCW Sun SeekerWinnemucca, NVHumboldt
Pushing Up Daisies #8pawcaAustin, NVLander
Chukar PartridgeCW Sun SeekerBattle Mountain, NVLander
Enchanted GardensCW Sun SeekerBattle Mountain, NVLander
No BullCW Sun SeekerBattle Mountain, NVLander
Positive & Negative Camping (2)CW Sun SeekerBattle Mountain, NVLander
Special's BUllhornParfum SacreBlack Rock City, NVPershing
The Happy CamperslemonheadBlack Rock City, NVPershing
Out of TimeSilver QueenSilver City, NVStorey
Bucket of Blood SaloonSierra SallyVirginia City, NVStorey
Six Mile Canyon Series (5)Silver QueenVirginia City, NVStorey
The Lady VictorianCaptain Slick KittyVirginia City, NVStorey
To The Lake!Doublesaj & Old BlueIncline Village, NVWashoe
A Buckin' BroncoFoothill ForesterReno, NVWashoe
A Fish At A WeddingBuffaloTonyReno, NVWashoe
A Letterbox for Two Ladiesyou+me_makes3Reno, NVWashoe
Don't Feed the Mustangsyou+me_makes3Reno, NVWashoe
Garden Butterfly3LillysReno, NVWashoe
Jack's PawThe Three Little ElvesReno, NVWashoe
Lazy EyesRoamingGnomeReno, NVWashoe
Mt. RoseRagamuffinReno, NVWashoe
National Bowling StadiumGot Sand!Reno, NVWashoe
Ransom LetterboxCopterCaperReno, NVWashoe
Simply IngeniousCaptain Slick KittyReno, NVWashoe
Simply IngeniousCaptain Slick KittyReno, NVWashoe
The Dragon of DestructionThe Three Little ElvesReno, NVWashoe
The Lonely LBTaraReno, NVWashoe
The Silver StateBirds on a WireReno, NVWashoe
Tie-Dyed Dragonflyyou+me_makes3Reno, NVWashoe
Tool BoxRoamingGnomeReno, NVWashoe
TWEET! TWEET!you+me_makes3Reno, NVWashoe
Welcome to Huffaker Hillsyou+me_makes3Reno, NVWashoe
Windy Hill (3)Girls Go HikingReno 89519, NVWashoe
troop 183 box 1girl scouts ruleSun Valley, NVWashoe
Verdi Nature Trail (2)Verdi Nature TrailVerdi, NVWashoe
Letterbox IslandCopterCaperWashoe Lake, NV, NVWashoe
Renegade SweetheartRenegades???, NVWhite Pine
Great Basin Park WebboxAzroadieBaker, NVWhite Pine
Great Basin Park Webbox IIAzroadieBaker, NVWhite Pine
DesperationLV Hiker62Ely-Ruth, NVWhite Pine
Pancake RangeAzroadieEureka, NVWhite Pine