Northeast Pennsylvania Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
A "Fall" LookoutGoose HuntersAthens, PABradford
Lost in the Woods - Where Am I?Weeping WillowAthens, PABradford
LVRRWeeping WillowAthens, PABradford
Susquehannock WarriorWeeping WillowAthens, PABradford
YMCA PorcupineGoose HuntersAthens, PABradford
YMCA TurtleGoose HuntersAthens, PABradford
YMCA Wolf PackGoose HuntersAthens, PABradford
Berry Pickin'Goose HuntersMonroeton, PABradford
Leigh Valley's Black DiamondLittle TrooperSayre, PABradford
Jordan's Big Basstaffeta & linenTowanda, PABradford
Series at Mt. Pisgah (9)Goose HuntersTroy, PABradford
Wolf Packcubs den1Troy, PABradford
HFAJThe Soul Mates???, PACarbon
Radio DaysLightnin Bug???, PACarbon
Th othLightnin Bug???, PACarbon
PA SGL 129Indigo VultureAlbrightsville, PACarbon
Around the camp firelittle green menBlakeslee, PACarbon
Large Pineslittle green menBlakeslee, PACarbon
Order of the Arrowlittle green menBlakeslee, PACarbon
Unchartered Landslittle green menBlakeslee, PACarbon
The Angel of DesolationLightnin BugDanielsville, PACarbon
Bake Oven KnobLightnin BugGermans, PACarbon
Doctor Who #9-A (2)Indigo VultureHickory Run, PACarbon
Schrodinger's CatIndigo VultureHickory Run, PACarbon
Catch-n-releaseThe Nature LadyHickory Run S.P., PACarbon
PA Capitol Tile 198: PearsSilent DougJim Thorpe, PACarbon
PA Capitol Tile 275: ArrowheadSilent DougJim Thorpe, PACarbon
Calling Dick Tracy (3)Team ParkeLansford, PACarbon
O' Boxer Where Art Thou Series (15)Lightnin BugLehigh Tannery, PACarbon
BeeHappyHearts4HomeLehighton, PACarbon
"The Hidden Star"Chicka-DMauch Chunk, PACarbon
Jim ThorperaindearMauch Chunk, PACarbon
Minotaur MadnessLightnin BugSaylorsville, PACarbon
PA SGL 141Indigo VultureWeatherly, PACarbon
Lehigh GorgePA Maple LeafWhite Haven, PACarbon
PA SGL 40Indigo VultureWhite Haven, PACarbon
PA SGL 55Indigo VultureBerwick, PAColumbia
Sweet SixteenWright AwayBloomsburg, PAColumbia
The Great Oak on Mugser RunGeolX1987Fisherdale, PAColumbia
Patterspn Covered BridgeCastleKeepersOrangeville, PAColumbia
Thorns HurtIndigo Vulture???, PALackawanna
Go North RHB'rs, Go North - That's Not North!Red-Hat Box'rArchbald, PALackawanna
The Yanks are HereBuster PAMoosic, PALackawanna
Adventures of SuperBoxer (3)Silent DougScranton, PALackawanna
Mercer SeatPsychikerScranton, PALackawanna
Mystery of Bull HillSilent DougScranton, PALackawanna
Lenape StoneLightnin Bug???, PALuzerne
The Giantmizscarlet???, PALuzerne
Bear Creek CampIndigo VultureBear Creek, PALuzerne
Rub a Dub Dub In The TubsLindseyLadiesBear Creek, PALuzerne
skating by the river/replaced by flying along theSnoopy's GangBerwick, PALuzerne
The Turtle SearchredtrilliumDallas, PALuzerne
Highway to H...azleton (6)Indigo VultureDrums, PALuzerne
Forest RosemizscarletGickett's Rlen, PALuzerne
Tree Series Part 2 (2)The Nature LadyHazleton, PALuzerne
THE PARKThe Nature LadyHazleton, PALuzerne
The Radio Tower MysteryNature DudatsHazleton, PALuzerne
Tree Series Part 1 (2)The Nature LadyHazleton, PALuzerne
PA SGL 292Indigo VultureLaurel Run, PALuzerne
PA SGL 149Indigo VultureLehigh Tannery, PALuzerne
Mockin' Aqua (3)Indigo VultureMocanaqua, PALuzerne
Mockin' FootballOtis' FriendsMocanaqua, PALuzerne
PA SGL 207Indigo VultureMountaintop, PALuzerne
Flying over the moonSnoopy's GangNanticoke, PALuzerne
PA SGL 119Indigo VulturePenn Lake Park, PALuzerne
Ricketts GlenMonarch LadyRed Rock, PALuzerne
Spike Searches for his FriendFairmount GirlsRed Rock, PALuzerne
Try a little bite, of TrilobitemoonowlRed Rock, PALuzerne
1934 National Park Stamps - 7¢ - AcadiaLightnin BugShades Glen, PALuzerne
PA SGL 224Indigo VultureShickshinny, PALuzerne
PA SGL 260Indigo VultureShickshinny, PALuzerne
PA SGL 91Indigo VultureSuscon, PALuzerne
Three Eyed FishLightnin BugWapwallopen, PALuzerne
Celebration (5)Pink PantherWhite Haven, PALuzerne
Heart "O" CloverPink PantherWhite Haven, PALuzerne
Moosehead LakeThe Nature LadyWhite Haven, PALuzerne
PA SGL 187Indigo VultureWhite Haven, PALuzerne
Ye Olde Letterboxer's Almanack (2)Lightnin BugWilkes Barre, PALuzerne
Snoopy needs a rest (Larch Tree trail)Snoopy's GangWyoming, PALuzerne
Happy WandererWisconsin Hiker?, PAMonroe
ecalP retteB A dlroW ehT ekaMFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
gniraC dnA etaredisnoCFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
gnortS dnA suoegaruoCFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
lufpleH dnA yldneirFFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
oD dnA yaS I tahW roF elbisnopseRFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
toucS lriG yrevE oT retsiS A eBFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
ylesiW secruoseR esUFigment of ImaginationBrodheadsville, PAMonroe
Oak LeafSilent DougCanadensis, PAMonroe
Mt. Minsi '98Silent DougDelaware Water Gap, PAMonroe
Pocono "Gould"Simply DevineGouldsboro, PAMonroe
POHOPOCOTEPETL (5)Lightnin BugJonas, PAMonroe
Pocono RacewayBuster PALong Pond, PAMonroe
Snow FlakeSnow CrewMiddle Smithfield Township, PAMonroe
Hidden FallsKayaking RushPocono Pines, PAMonroe
The Celtic CrossW3MJ/N3SSAStroud Township, PAMonroe
Pinebrook ParkSilent DougStroudsburg, PAMonroe
Camel (Something)ScoutTannersville, PAMonroe
Cranberry BogLightnin BugTannersville, PAMonroe
Girls Just Want to Have FunScoutTannersville, PAMonroe
Turkey VultureSilent DougTannersville, PAMonroe
Alder LeafSilent DougTobyhanna, PAMonroe
Haunted HousepawcaTobyhanna, PAMonroe
Pirate Flags (2)DrooPTobyhanna, PAMonroe
Montour PreserveFossil HuntersDanville, PAMontour
Patty's textingSnoopy's GangLimestoneville, PAMontour
Banana SplitjbzfarmElysburg, PANorthumberland
Rainbow Girl Rides Again!jbzfarmElysburg, PANorthumberland
The Lighthouse by jbzfarmjbzfarmElysburg, PANorthumberland
The PhoenixjbzfarmElysburg, PANorthumberland
Slytherin Out of Mt CarmelchiponiesMt Carmel, PANorthumberland
Anthracite Heritage - Natalie Miner's Trail (2)LPN536Natalie, PANorthumberland
V-Log BoxBig Brown Dog, PAPike
Red Eft Boxlotus???, PAPike
North Point ForestMerlin and ArdeaBlooming Grove, PAPike
A Walk with the Ancients - East Loop (4)Lightnin BugBushkill, PAPike
A Walk with the Ancients - West Loop (3)Lightnin BugBushkill, PAPike
Bushkill FallsSilent DougBushkill, PAPike
1934 National Park Stamps - 1¢ - YosemiteLightnin BugDingmans, PAPike
As the Crows FlyThe CrowsDingmans Ferry, PAPike
Explore LetterboxCurious FamilyDingmans Ferry, PAPike
Opulent OuthouseKanuDingmans Ferry, PAPike
Rascal RaccoonWed. Bowler, C. CatDingmans Ferry, PAPike
Threefall Series (3)Silent DougDingmans Ferry, PAPike
Two Rock BoxBig Brown DogDingmans Ferry, PAPike
After the Fall ColorspawcaGreentown, PAPike
Fall ColorspawcaGreentown, PAPike
Lontra canadensisLightnin BugGreentown, PAPike
Panther SwampSilent DougGreentown, PAPike
PROMISED LANDEllenGreentown, PAPike
TamamendSilent DougGreentown, PAPike
Where Eagles NestKayaking RushGreentown, PAPike
Woodloch Pines - FISH ONCatscoopHawley, PAPike
Playing with Zane or DollyGingarooLackawaxen, PAPike
PA SGL 316Lightnin BugMasthope, PAPike
Pushing Up Daisies #43pawcaMilford, PAPike
Shohola Lakeclever pigsMilford, PAPike
Shape of PA Welcome CenterRedfern RamblerWelcome Center, Matamoras, PAPike
NogardPink Panther?, PASchuylkill
A Recent Account (3)lotus???, PASchuylkill
Excellence in EngineeringLightnin Bug???, PASchuylkill
Harry Potter AmbigramLightnin Bug???, PASchuylkill
Bear RoxLightnin BugAndreas, PASchuylkill
What Happens in Andreas, Stays in AndreasLightnin BugAndreas, PASchuylkill
Black DiamondFleur de LisAshland, PASchuylkill
MotherFleur de LisAshland, PASchuylkill
Ali - The GreatestLightnin BugDeer Lake, PASchuylkill
Mail PouchLightnin BugDorset, PASchuylkill
Swatara Fossil Series (4)raindearLickdale, PASchuylkill
Pottsville MaroonslotusMinersville, PASchuylkill
My Old Home Town -- The LakeCowboy's GirlPine Grove, PASchuylkill
PA SGL 160Indigo VulturePine Grove, PASchuylkill
Celtic CrowPink PantherPort Clinton, PASchuylkill
Pottsville Bicentennial 2011lotusPottsville, PASchuylkill
Itch in PALightnin BugReevesdale, PASchuylkill
Monkeying Around Schuylkill HavenLady_MuffySchuylkill Haven, PASchuylkill
Night HikeRainmakerSnyders, PASchuylkill
Mario and Friends? (8)silly mooseheadSuedburg, PASchuylkill
PA SGL 227Indigo VultureTamaqua, PASchuylkill
My Country House (#1 in country mouse series)Kids @ Heart??, PASullivan
The Wolf TrapPink Panther???, PASullivan
Kettle Creek Gorge (2)The Soul MatesEagles Mere, PASullivan
1934 National Park Stamps - 2¢ - Grand CanyonLightnin BugForksville, PASullivan
Photo Spot (revised)Kids @ HeartForksville, PASullivan
The Needle in the "Haystacks"Pony PowerLaport, PASullivan
More Shameful EatingBibliochickMS???, PASusquehanna
Stone FaceSilent Doug???, PASusquehanna
Feelin' GroovyScoutChoconut, PASusquehanna
Trifecta of Shameful Eating (3)BibliochickMSFranklin Forks, PASusquehanna
Great Bend Welcome StationRedfern RamblerGreat Bend, PASusquehanna
SUSKY # 7&8 (2)O'GroovyMontrose, PASusquehanna
SUSKY 5 & 6 (2)O'GroovyMontrose, PASusquehanna
East Coast Road Trip - Pennsylvaniajb kokopelliNew Milford, PASusquehanna
SUSKY #1O'GroovyScranton, PASusquehanna
Even Fairies MournOread???, PAWayne
Banana Creeksaber tooth tigersBrowndale, PAWayne
Cherry Riversaber tooth tigersBrowndale, PAWayne
Equinunk Charge – Braman UMCNJ CaroleEquinunk, PAWayne
Equinunk Charge – Equinunk UMC LetterboxNJ CaroleEquinunk, PAWayne
Equinunk Charge – Lookout UMCNJ CaroleEquinunk, PAWayne
Equinunk Charge – Pine Mill UMC LetterboxNJ CaroleEquinunk, PAWayne
Equinunk Charge – Union UMC LetterboxNJ CaroleEquinunk, PAWayne
Tour de Lake HenryYellow JerseyHamlin, PAWayne
Middle CreekOreadHawley, PAWayne
Shuman PointSilent DougHawley, PAWayne
The Shuman's PointalphagirlHawley, PAWayne
Legend of Irving CliffSilent DougHonesdale, PAWayne
Whispering Giants (PA) - East Loop (5)Lightnin BugLake Ariel, PAWayne
Whispering Giants (PA) - West Loop (5)Lightnin BugLake Ariel, PAWayne
A Quick Game of Chess (2)wandaandpeteVarden, PAWayne
Lake Winola Northern Electric TrolleyPA TRAVELERClarks Summit, PAWyoming