North Western Ohio Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Clam Up!Da ResqLima, OHAllen
In the Dog HouseDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Myster Breed # OneDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # EightDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # FiveDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # FourDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # SevenDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # SixDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # ThreeDa ResqLima, OHAllen
Mystery Breed # TwoDa ResqLima, OHAllen
The back handspringThe little flipflopperLima, OHAllen
The Ohio Starthe quiltetteSpencerville, OHAuglaize
The Mystery of TimeflagbearerSt Marys, OHAuglaize
Hands OnMah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
On A Happier NoteMah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
Quiet As A MouseMah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
RememberMah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
Rooster Guy Farm Series # 8Mah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
That's So Corny! Farm Series #12Mah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
This Little Pig Went to Market Farm Series #14Mah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
Two BambooMah Jongg QueenSt. Marys, OHAuglaize
Snapshot #5: It's Planetary My Dear Watson!Penguin PatrolWapakoneta, OHAuglaize
Wm Crawford bonus box - NO LONGER NEEDEDbecohio???, OHCrawford
oink for the farmer's friendkitty patrolcrestline, OHCrawford
Cold WarriorSilver AirstreamerGalion, OHCrawford
HatcheryChickChargerChickNew Washington, OHCrawford
Be a Peach, Princessdragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Cat Nap Down the TiffinSTiX22Defiance, OHDefiance
Creature of the Maumee Riverdragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Diehl Park (3)STiX22Defiance, OHDefiance
Don't Fear the Reaper!dragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Fat Catdragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Headless Horseman of Defiancedragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Hop to it Toaddragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Line up Bowserdragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Magic Mushroom 1Up BomBessie.dragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Porsche 917KKirbertDefiance, OHDefiance
Super Mario- Con's Power Updragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Werewolf of Bronson Parkdragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Wiener Dogdragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Zombie or Not To Bedragon of defianceDefiance, OHDefiance
Hitch Hiker HomeTheBenfieldsPettisville, OHFulton
Pettisville LetterboxTheBenfieldsPettisville, OHFulton
Tim's CacheTheBenfieldsPettisville, OHFulton
firstboxofminebgangcgwauseon, OHFulton
Mystery Box # 12Da ResqFindlay, OHHancock
WolfDa ResqFindlay, OHHancock
Litzenberg Letter BoxYogi57McComb, OHHancock
Litzenberg LogcabinTrailmix2McComb, OHHancock
CatScratchGSLeader49Van Buren, OHHancock
Chicken CoopTrailmix2Van Buren, OHHancock
Monarch MeadowsTrailmix2Van Buren, OHHancock
RadsonAqua MomVan Buren, OHHancock
SnailtrailGSLeader49Van Buren, OHHancock
I've been working on the trainforestfiregalForest, OHHardin
Girl Scout Day Camp 2006 #1BulldogsKenton, OHHardin
Chevrolet Corvette C1 1959KirbertFlorida, OHHenry
NKP-Nickel Plate Road LetterboxparkctnutsGrelton, OHHenry
Oinkerssasatash5Liberty Center, OHHenry
On Golden Pond-Scytale Cipher LetterboxparkctnutsMalinta, OHHenry
Bluebell IslandThe Gamer GeeksGrand Rapids, OHLucas
Tiniest Tea PotLindaFayMamee, OHLucas
A Tea BagGretchenFMaumee, OHLucas
Aunt Phoebe's PurseLindaFayMaumee, OHLucas
Fallen TimbersateamMaumee, OHLucas
FourCubsfourcubsMaumee, OHLucas
Is it time for Tea?LindaFayMaumee, OHLucas
K9 Best FriendsroXXzillaMaumee, OHLucas
Lemon or Milk?GretchenFMaumee, OHLucas
Mini Ohio Tea Box Gathering Event StampGretchenFMaumee, OHLucas
Road to the Moonjimbobwemaumee, OHLucas
Spot of TeaGretchenFMaumee, OHLucas
Sugar CaddyGretchenFMaumee, OHLucas
Turkey Foot RockLindaFayMaumee, OHLucas
K9 Louie's LighthouseroXXzillaOregon, OHLucas
Maumee Bay Bird LoversThe Nature TeamOregon, OHLucas
Teacher's PetTurtle TeamOregon, OHLucas
K9 Top VetroXXzillaSylvania, OHLucas
100 ZerosBravo872Tole'do, OHLucas
2006 Detroit TigersTIGERSFAN92826Toledo, OHLucas
Detective ThumbprintGoBucksToledo, OHLucas
Eye of ProvidenceBravo872Toledo, OHLucas
F E O BBravo872Toledo, OHLucas
Glass TombBravo872Toledo, OHLucas
Happy Hatter IGLLadyToledo, OHLucas
K9 Flower PowerroXXzillaToledo, OHLucas
K9 Peace OutroXXzillaToledo, OHLucas
Old West ChurchBravo872Toledo, OHLucas
Peace, Love, Brownieshighmountain4Toledo, OHLucas
Swan ParkThe Gamer GeeksToledo, OHLucas
The new Boyer BoxBravo872Toledo, OHLucas
The Original PizzaGoBucksToledo, OHLucas
The Wall Street BridgeBravo872Toledo, OHLucas
University of Toledo 3rd grade groupcliffgToledo, OHLucas
Whitmer PrideThe Gamer GeeksToledo, OHLucas
Willis B. BoyerTIGERSFAN92826Toledo, OHLucas
A Little Marion History (3)hikingbugMarion, OHMarion
A_Lucky Charmswallabydavemarion, OHMarion
It's a mad,mad,mad,mad worldforestfiregalMarion, OHMarion
Marion Prairie Nature Center (3)songwriterMarion, OHMarion
Purple's mailbox mushroomthe jaysMarion, OHMarion
Quarry Park .songwriterMarion, OHMarion
Autumn LeavessnapdragonWaldo, OHMarion
4-H DaschundDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
4-H GoatDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
4-H PigDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
4-H RabbitDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
A Dog Gone Good Book!Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
A World of Learning...and More!Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
Angels Among Us! (5)Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
Black SheepDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Blue Ribbon PieDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
COLT - Catch the RideDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Cotton CandyDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Dog PackDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Doggin' AroundDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Doggin' the WalkDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Fair FlowerDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Fair FoodDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Ferris WheelDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Freedom to LearnDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Gone Fishin'!Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
Good Dog!Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
Healing TouchDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Me and My DogDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Merry Go Round PonyDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Pony RideDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Purple RibbonDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
Read All About It!Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
RoosterDa ResqCelina, OHMercer
See You at the Fair (2)flagbearerCelina, OHMercer
Sit Up & Beg!Da ResqCelina, OHMercer
Up, Up and AwayMah Jongg QueenCelina, OHMercer
101' 4" Stone Needleda TribeFort Recovery, OHMercer
Missing E'sda TribeFort Recovery, OHMercer
Leaf Me AloneMah Jongg QueenMontezuma, OHMercer
Give a Dog a Bone!Da ResqRockford, OHMercer
Go Fetch! (3)Da ResqRockford, OHMercer
I Love My Dogs!Da ResqRockford, OHMercer
In Memory of Macho (2)Da ResqRockford, OHMercer
Primary TowersReynold and HelenaElmore, OHOttawa
Lakeside Starthe T'sLakeside/Marblehead, OHOttawa
Dinosaurs Rock!Pasta MomMarblehead, OHOttawa
Johnson's Island - Daughters of the ConfederacyPasta MomMarblehead, OHOttawa
The Original Campfire FoodPenguin PatrolMarblehead, OHOttawa
FISH!ohiowriterPort Clinton, OHOttawa
Rest in PeaceAdoptablePort Clinton, OHOttawa
Gone Fishin' at Put-in-Bay (3)Travel'n TurtlePut-in-Bay, OHOttawa
Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial S (3)Inky2point0Put-in-Bay, OHOttawa
Washington-n-LincolnMomMelMegPut-in-Bay, OHOttawa
A TOKEN OF FRIENDSHIPBone Yard RecorderClyde, OHSandusky
A FINE BOVINEBone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
ANIMAL CRACKERS @ ALDRICH POND (4)Bone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
ARCTideFremont, OHSandusky
I NEED SMORE... (4)Bone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
LOCH NESSIE OF SANDUSKY COUNTY?Bone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
O-H...I-OohiowriterFremont, OHSandusky
OH! A LITTLE HABone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
Seal With a KissTideFremont, OHSandusky
SNOW IN THE SPRING??? (5)Bone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
TREES!ohiowriterFremont, OHSandusky
Wave of FreedomTideFremont, OHSandusky
WELL HELLO KITTYBone Yard RecorderFremont, OHSandusky
K9 Rock OnroXXzillaLindsey, OHSandusky
GONE FISHIN' AT SUGAR CREEKBone Yard RecorderWoodville, OHSandusky
THE WOODS ARE FULL OF SIGNS (24)Bone Yard RecorderWoodville, OHSandusky
mmm...FishMomMelMegAdams Township, OHSeneca
Cat Tail MarshRosmarinusCarey, OHSeneca
Fuzzy BunnyMomMelMegPleasant Township, OHSeneca
SSSR - Walnut LetterboxbjohioTiffin, OHSeneca
Farm Series #1, #2, #4 and Read, Read, Read (4)Mah Jongg QueenVan Wert, OHVan Wert
Kaden's KeyholeDa ResqVan Wert, OHVan Wert
Kaden's Puppy!Da ResqVan Wert, OHVan Wert
Little AngelgrammacindyBryan, OHWilliams
K9 Golden ParkroXXzillaHallock, OHWilliams
K9 Turtle at Beaver DamroXXzillaHallock, OHWilliams
Blue ToogrammacindyMontpelier, OHWilliams
K9 at the FairroXXzillaMontpelier, OHWilliams
K9 Pork ChoproXXzillaMontpelier, OHWilliams
Ay Ziggy ZoombaTJ_MichBowling Green, OHWood
Hole #7 DitchdiggerPenguin PatrolBowling Green, OHWood
Wood County Infirmary LetterboxW. C. Historical MuseumBowling Green, OHWood
A Birthday GiftRiddle1Pemberville, OHWood
For the Love of LincolnThe Hoover FamilyPemberville, OHWood
Harry's Camp LetterboxMartinPemberville, OHWood
(K9) at the BeachroXXzillaPerrysburg, OHWood
(K9) Fun in the SunroXXzillaPerrysburg, OHWood
K9 Balls of FunroXXzillaPerrysburg, OHWood
K9 Ice Cream SundayroXXzillaPerrysburg, OHWood
Mrs. Stranahan's GiftRiddle1Perrysburg, OHWood
Class GlassterryRossford, OHWood
K9 Stop and Smell the RosesroXXzillaRossford, OHWood