North Western Minnesota Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Shingobee Birch in the ThistlesThe WolfpackAkeley, MNCass
Bunyan N SportTricky TroyHackensack, MNCass
Chippewa TreasureThe WolfpackHackensack, MNCass
Diamond on the TrailThe WolfpackHackensack, MNCass
Paul Bunyan's TreasureThe WolfpackHackensack, MNCass
Back to Nature: The Prairies before the FarmsPoohTigger&thetweetyGlyndon, MNClay
Minnesota State Tree: Norway Pinem&m OMoorhead, MNClay
Minnesota LoonThe Pink LadiesBrainerd, MNCrow Wing
Bald Eagle MinnesotaJBEmily, MNCrow Wing
Alexandria CardinalsWhirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Beach baySnickerdoodle SnoopyAlexandria, MNDouglas
Big OleWhirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Birthplace of AmericaTeam Pocket LakeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Easy to Get To, Number 2Whirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Where Close Only CountsWhirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
The VikingTeam K-TownKensington, MNDouglas
Angelanna- Lost!CathyMillerville, MNDouglas
GS School House RockGS349Miltona, MNDouglas
The Other Minnesota State BirdWhirly-Girl Wanna BeOsakis, MNDouglas
Pelican-CIA (Central Lakes Bike Trail)4 cousinsAshby, MNGrant
Der WandersmannThe Happy WandererFergus Falls, MNOtter Tail
MN Women Series: Land of 10,000 Year Old WomanfeministaPelican Rapids, MNOtter Tail
Peak of InspirationTeam GinkgoUrbank, MNOtter Tail
Victoria's ViewcatroarsUrbank, MNOtter Tail
Princess MinnewaskaTeam K-TownGlenwood, MNPope
Starbuck HoboWhirly-Girl Wanna BeStarbuck, MNPope
lake amelia letterboxsnow mallardvillard, MNPope
Middle Spunk Lake Rest AreaTeam Pocket LakeAvon, MNStearns
The Abbey Belltower (currently unavailable!)skiboxCollegeville, MNStearns
Another Sinclair Lewis LetterboxGforce6Sauk Centre, MNStearns
Hole in the SaukTeam GinkgoSauk Centre, MNStearns
UMM WindmillWhirly-Girl Wanna BeMorris, MNStevens
FrankenheiferTeam GinkgoWest Union, MNTodd
Where the Prairie Meets the WoodlandsRieslingsWadena, MNWadena