North West Kansas Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Cherry Creek No No Girl's Brother St. Francis, KS Cheyenne?
"Little Rude Rotting Head" Rad Rhymer Hays, KS Ellis?
"Lost Cat's New Hiding Place" Rad Rhymer Hays, KS Ellis?
Block box scubadiver Hays, KS Ellis?
F ort H ays S tate U niversity Logo Box wandaandpete Hays, KS Ellis?
Kingdom of Narnia (3) Team Timken Hays, KS Ellis?
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater Rad Rhymer Hays, KS Ellis?
Preacher Man Adoptable Hays, KS Ellis?
The Dino Mite Box Rad Rhymer Hays, KS Ellis?
The Prize that Be tnt123 Hays, KS Ellis?
FISH Series - Dinges Pond Adoptable Schoenchen, KS Ellis?
Prairie Mound TeamGrif Beverly, KS Ellsworth?
Navigating the Trails 6 pac Marquette, KS Ellsworth?
Cheerful Chirper Adoptable Grainfield, KS Gove?
SNoopy comes home The Dirt Searchers Grinnell, KS Gove?
Artful Aviator Adoptable Ellsworth, KS Lincoln?
Ball O'Twine Adoptable Cawker City, KS Mitchell?
Waconda Lake Der Mad Stamper Glen Elder, KS Mitchell?
Sebelius Lake Der Mad Stamper Norton, KS Norton?
Jack and the Beanstalk Rad Rhymer Glade, KS Phillips?
Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Rad Rhymer Gretna, KS Phillips?
Kirwin Lake Der Mad Stamper Kirwin, KS Phillips?
"The Buzzard Box" Rad Rhymer Logan, KS Phillips?
"Little Jack Horner's Grave" Rad Rhymer Phillipsburg, KS Phillips?
"Little Jack Horner's New Gravesite" Rad Rhymer Phillipsburg, KS Phillips?
"The Four Little Pigs Series" (4) Rad Rhymer Phillipsburg, KS Phillips?
Toothless Rad Rhymer Phillipsburg, KS Phillips?
"Need For Speed" Rad Rhymer Speed, KS Phillips?
Freaky Friday Rad Rhymer Speed, KS Phillips?
Webster Lake Der Mad Stamper Stockton, KS Rooks?
BL Stomps & Stamps in KS Boxer Lover Dorrance, KS Russell?
Adam's Apple Rad Rhymer Lucas, KS Russell?
Angel Kisses Rad Rhymer Paradise, KS Russell?
Wilson Lake Der Mad Stamper Russell, KS Russell?
Bucking Bronc rtrw Wilson, KS Russell?
Sunflower Series (3) clever pigs Goodland, KS Sherman?
Home On The Range Der Mad Stamper Athol, KS Smith?
"The Goldbug Series" (4) Rad Rhymer Kensington, KS Smith?
The Goldbug Der Mad Stamper Kensington, KS Smith?
Half Way There pawca Lebanon, KS Smith?
Wheathead Der Mad Stamper Lebanon, KS Smith?
Old Dutch Mill Rad Rhymer Smith Center, KS Smith?
Cedar Bluff Lake Der Mad Stamper Wakeeney, KS Trego?