North Oregon Coast Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Back in Time Tour - #16 Tillamook Rock LighthouseDisney-Fan Cannon Beach, ORClatsop
RexFunhog???, ORClatsop
Along the Riverwalk (3)happy daysAstoria, ORClatsop
Astoria Cathedral TreeNeNeAstoria, ORClatsop
Astoria ColumnNeNeAstoria, ORClatsop
Astoria Megler BridgetgjaminAstoria, ORClatsop
Brambly HedgeNeNeAstoria, ORClatsop
The Flavel HouseNeNeAstoria, ORClatsop
Wet Dog Cafe LetterboxNeNeAstoria, ORClatsop
Bunny Foo Foohiker4everCannon Beach, ORClatsop
Chimney Log at Hug PointbeachclanCannon Beach, ORClatsop
Ecoladvn2r ckrCannon Beach, ORClatsop
Ripe for the Pickin' Series Box #6Lewis River BanditsCannon Beach, ORClatsop
Tiger at the Beachhiker4everCannon Beach, ORClatsop
Twilight Series #2 - New Moon La Push (Ecola StateDisney-FanCannon Beach, ORClatsop
Coastal Banditgreen_armymanElsie, ORClatsop
Steam DonkeyStinkerbellElsie, ORClatsop
Who Newt ... ?green_armymanElsie, ORClatsop
The Wreck of Peter Iredale (5)funkymunkyFort Stevens, ORClatsop
A Little New Mexico SunshinerubberpeaceGearhart, ORClatsop
Kason's StashKasonGearhart, ORClatsop
Battery Russell's friendgrammy crackerHammond, ORClatsop
Let's Go Camping!TobyHammond, ORClatsop
Northwest OregonPenGwenHammond, ORClatsop
The ColumbiatgjaminHammond, ORClatsop
The Monkey Box Series: Box #5NipsebHammond, ORClatsop
Aliens by the SeaUFO PhilSeaside, ORClatsop
Back in Time Tour - #11 SeasideDisney-FanSeaside, ORClatsop
Heart of SeasideacharmingplaceSeaside, ORClatsop
Hi HitchhikkerfunkymunkySeaside, ORClatsop
idaho spud at the beachdragonriderseaside, ORClatsop
Mountain RosePatchSeaside, ORClatsop
Seaside Happiness revisedHeatherSeaside, ORClatsop
Sunset BoulevardtrouteholeSeaside, ORClatsop
The Pines & The SeatrouteholeSeaside, ORClatsop
Twilight of the Sea GodstrouteholeSeaside, ORClatsop
SerendipityKarmaWarrenton, ORClatsop
Fort To Sea TrailNeNeWarrenton, ORClatsop
Gnat CreekThe Paisley OrcaWauna / Knappa, ORClatsop
AzuresLeo9wauna/knappa, ORClatsop
Long Feather HHearthwords???, ORLincoln
Lucky YouMorris5???, ORLincoln
Racoon hideawayCharlottemaicity, ORLincoln
Back in Time Tour - #9 Devil's Punchbowl Marine GaDisney-FanDepoe Bay, ORLincoln
Chris the Crab @ Cape FoulWeatherKokopelliDepoe Bay, ORLincoln
Dinner?Mark & Sue PepeDepoe Bay, ORLincoln
Fishing RockPenGwenDepoe Bay, ORLincoln
Fogarty's FlowerPenGwenDepoe Bay, ORLincoln
The Pacifiq CrownSun n ShineDepoe Bay, ORLincoln
Daughter of Devil's Punch BowlThe Paisley OrcaDepoe Bay/Newport, ORLincoln
Son of Devil's Punch Bowl: Ode to Rock 'n RollThe Paisley OrcaDepoe Bay/Newport, ORLincoln
Message in A BottleMark & Sue PepeGleneden Beach, ORLincoln
Yahoo! KernvillePenGwenKernville, ORLincoln
Beachtown Coffee (2)TheRosemarysLincoln City, ORLincoln
Beneath the Blue #1FunhogLincoln City, ORLincoln
Boiler BayCarieLincoln City, ORLincoln
Dragonfly CentralTheRosemarysLincoln City, ORLincoln
Drift'creek' FallsWildhairLincoln City, ORLincoln
Hodgindaz 18th BirthdaytwinkleLincoln City, ORLincoln
Longing for the BeachCanada GooseLincoln City, ORLincoln
Look Sharp!ooolivia!Lincoln City, ORLincoln
Mossy Creek PotteryMurray7Lincoln City, ORLincoln
Pirate's Plunder Box #2Camp-N-StampLincoln City, ORLincoln
The HoneymoonersMorris5Lincoln City, ORLincoln
Back in Time Tour - #10 Yaquina Bay LighthouseDisney-FanNewport, ORLincoln
Beneath the Blue #2FunhogNewport, ORLincoln
Coastal BeaconBoxer LoverNewport, ORLincoln
Forest Fairies Box #3Camp-N-StampNewport, ORLincoln
Garden LanternTeam SpringamajackNewport, ORLincoln
Lost Seahorse3crazyboysNewport, ORLincoln
Mr. RobotoTeam SpringamajackNewport, ORLincoln
Nature GirlTeam SpringamajackNewport, ORLincoln
Pirate's Plunder Box #3Camp-N-StampNewport, ORLincoln
SnaggletoothTeam SpringamajackNewport, ORLincoln
Surf's Up, Dude . . . .Mark & Sue PepeNewport, ORLincoln
Tank's First CampoutpuppNewport, ORLincoln
The Trees Are AliveCtheJNewport, ORLincoln
Toledo Harbor LighthouseHeron-A-FootNewport, ORLincoln
Two Childhood Memories (2)RcrgurlNewport, ORLincoln
Back in Time Tour - #22 Yaquina Head LighthouseDisney-FanNW Lighthouse Dr, Newport, ORLincoln
Cascade Head AlienAliensOtis, ORLincoln
Otis!Murray7Otis, ORLincoln
Holy Toledo!SolaLunaToledo, ORLincoln
Alsea Bay Bridge Box's (4)funkymunkyWaldport, ORLincoln
Happy T@bber 2jitterbugWaldport, ORLincoln
Return of Ona at Beaver Creek!NancyAnne & DougWaldport/ Newport, ORLincoln
Back in Time Tour - #23 Heceta Head LighthouseDisney-FanYachats, ORLincoln
Fanciful SeahorseTeam SpringamajackYachats, ORLincoln
Jason's ArrowheadTeam SpringamajackYachats, ORLincoln
Let's Go FLy A Kite Series (4)Team SpringamajackYachats, ORLincoln
Mermaid's Wavethe poodle dudesYachats, ORLincoln
Save The Princess! Series (3)Team SpringamajackYachats, ORLincoln
Yachats 804 Trail letterboxearthwordsYachats, ORLincoln
A Stellar ViewFunhog???, ORTillamook
Barview JettyCalli-KBarview, ORTillamook
Back in Time Tour - #17 Cape Meares LighthouseDisney-FanCape Mears, ORTillamook
Brown's Camp #1Green HornetGlenwood, ORTillamook
Hail to the King! (3)FunhogJordan Creek, ORTillamook
RKOT at King's MountainPungent BobJordan Creek, ORTillamook
Side Car RacerThe Brat PackJordan Creek, ORTillamook
H.B. Van DuzerEccentric SuttonsLincoln City, ORTillamook
Happy Tabber 3jitterbugManzanita, ORTillamook
Manzanita Bird's NestSchultzManzanita, ORTillamook
Nehalem BayPungent BobManzanita, ORTillamook
Nehalem CameoThe Flaky LadyManzanita, ORTillamook
The Original Manzanita LetterboxThe WymosManzanita, ORTillamook
WaywardPatchManzanita, ORTillamook
Happy 30th Birthday (2)Queenie MeanieNehalem, ORTillamook
Beach BonfireMama LosterboxerNetarts, ORTillamook
India Series: 5 & 6 (2)WildhairNetarts, ORTillamook
LetterbottleSilver EagleNetarts, ORTillamook
Yikes, I can't rememberMama LosterboxerNetarts, ORTillamook
Billions of BunniesMarmaladePacific City, ORTillamook
How We Rollladybug teamPacific City, ORTillamook
MagetrouteholePacific City, ORTillamook
The "Whale"n's Blow HoleThe Padawan'sPacific City, ORTillamook
Oregon Coast Tidepoolgreen_armymanRockaway, ORTillamook
Rock,Rock,Rockaway BeachDave the wave slaveRockaway, ORTillamook
A Day At The Beach (4)ASEA of LoloRockaway Beach, ORTillamook
Butterflies Are Free #1Camp Fire LadyRockaway Beach, ORTillamook
Not Coos Bay--RockawaykakoosRockaway Beach, ORTillamook
SS LetterboxerArboramourRockaway Beach, ORTillamook
What A Ride!MarmaladeTierra Del Mar, ORTillamook
Beneath the Blue #3FunhogTillamook, ORTillamook
Beneath the Blue #4FunhogTillamook, ORTillamook
BessyMudstumpersTillamook, ORTillamook
Cape Lookout Lookoutgreen_armymanTillamook, ORTillamook
Cocoa's PlaygroundTobyTillamook, ORTillamook
Forest Fairies Box #1Camp-N-StampTillamook, ORTillamook
Forest Fairies Box #2Camp-N-StampTillamook, ORTillamook
Fun in the Sun...TobyTillamook, ORTillamook
Maiden HeartThe Brat PackTillamook, ORTillamook
Pirate's Plunder Box #1Camp-N-StampTillamook, ORTillamook
Tillamook Forest Center Series (2)twinkleTillamook, ORTillamook
Tillamook SpitpreboxedTillamook, ORTillamook