North Eastern Minnesota Letterboxes

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(37 listings)

Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Going FishingIA SeekerAitkin, MNAitkin
Chubby BasketOpticCarlton, MNCarlton
MN State FishWisconsin HikerCarlton, MNCarlton
Stranger in the Woods5 Busy BeesCarlton, MNCarlton
East Bearskin Lake Boxes (2)One Foot GullGrand Marais, MNCook
Hungry Jack PineRMN SDGrand Marais, MNCook
Kadunce RiverRMN SDGrand Marais, MNCook
Loon Lake LetterboxGunflint KnitterGrand Marais, MNCook
Moccasin LaneChikWaukMuseumGrand Marais, MNCook
Sweethearts FollyRMN SDGrand Marais, MNCook
Tamarack AlleyChikWaukMuseumGrand Marais, MNCook
Where eagles fly (Minn)RMN SDGrand Marais, MNCook
Blueberry HillChikWaukMuseumGunflint Trail, MNCook
Heartbreak HillWacky ElvesTofte, MNCook
MPHG Sir Robin's MinstrelsThe DragonGrand Rapids, MNItasca
Iona's BeachWacky ElvesBeaver Bay, MNLake
A Simple LoveAdoptableTwo Harbors, MNLake
Agate Joy Surprise (2)Midnight PilotTwo Harbors, MNLake
Ice Age Mammals Series - Saber Tooth and Musk Oxen (2)walkingstickTwo Harbors, MNLake
Ice Age Mammals Series - Wooly MammothwalkingstickTwo Harbors, MNLake
Split Rock LighthouseSZSRocksTwo Harbors, MNLake
Stopping for a Picnic (2)The Red CatAskov, MNPine
Oh DeerTricky TroyHinckley, MNPine
Boy Scout Landing5 Busy BeesDuluth, MNSt. Louis
Eagles WingzStickchicDuluth, MNSt. Louis
Gated TrailJeepers_CreepersDuluth, MNSt. Louis
Hawk CountDartmoor DreamerDuluth, MNSt. Louis
In BloomSeventhsonDuluth, MNSt. Louis
Protect your nuts!StickchicDuluth, MNSt. Louis
What A View Duluth Harbor (2)5 Busy BeesDuluth, MNSt. Louis
A Starry Nightgardengirl77Ely, MNSt. Louis
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?LkSuperior2Hibbing, MNSt. Louis
Minnesota BirdAzroadieKabetogama, MNSt. Louis
BearMailjicknarsonTower, MNSt. Louis
Northern BlissVandy23Tower/Soudan, MNSt. Louis
Oh, where, oh where has my little dog gone?Ants Go MarchingVirginia, MNSt. Louis