New York Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
1st PlaceGroup A???, NYMystery
8 15 92 16 40phynstar???, NYMystery
A Crowning Experiencephynstar???, NYMystery
Anthony's Nose/Appalachian Trail.Racoon in the Baloon???, NYMystery
Bonus Box: "The Utter East"halfhobbit???, NYMystery
Crosses of Dartmoor: Beckamoor Cross/Windy PostBungalow Boxer???, NYMystery
Erie Canal: Lock 20Foothills???, NYMystery
Explosion! Disaster!Lock Wench???, NYMystery
FlnyDrewFamily???, NYMystery
Four and Twenty3 Blind Mice???, NYMystery
Get a Clue... and go LetterboxingRabbit's Relations???, NYMystery
Herkimer HomeFoothills???, NYMystery
Montana MemorialHeihachi???, NYMystery
Moose River: Lock & DamFoothills???, NYMystery
Nancy Drew - Secret of the Old ClockRingoH???, NYMystery
No. 2dingus&dufus???, NYMystery
Ol' 103Funhog???, NYMystery
Romantic Comedy (not a geocache)phynstar???, NYMystery
The GorgeMTnestRobin???, NYMystery
The IllustratorTurtle Run???, NYMystery
The New York Easter Eggbootcamp???, NYMystery
The Penguin Flies at MidnightCraftymouse???, NYMystery
Three Bags Full3 Blind Mice???, NYMystery
Whiteface CastleComplete Loonatics???, NYMystery
Les Grenouilles (2)Tivoli Trekkers?????, NYMystery
Hendrick Hudson LB's # 1 & # 2 (2)eddieg??????, NYMystery
sing a longtommerAlexander Bay, NYMystery
C.M.O.GThe Castle clanCorning, NYMystery
The Fingers (4)JeLyBeanFinger Lakes Region, NYMystery
6 am: Jewel Series #2summerstashLake George, NYMystery
Santa FEphynstarMystery, NYMystery
Grandpa TreeThe Castle clannorth java, NYMystery
185 HooverMeemPreble, NYMystery