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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
CharwomanAngel Winks??, MIKent
The Cemeteries of Gaines Township (3)Angel Winks???, MIKent
Ada Covered BridgeAngel WinksAda, MIKent
Ada Roadside ParkAngel WinksAda, MIKent
Funny Ladies - CBAngel WinksAda, MIKent
WolfiewolfwolfiewolfAda, MIKent
Byron Township Cemeteries (8)Angel WinksByron Center, MIKent
Going on a "Little" Leaf Hunt (6)Angel WinksByron Center, MIKent
The 4 Elements (4)cat peopleByron Center, MIKent
The Glowing Tombstonecat peopleByron Center, MIKent
We All Scream for Ice Cream - Six Sweet Friends (6)Angel WinksByron Center, MIKent
Pickerel Lake Park LetterboxwolfiewolfCannonsburg/Rockford, MIKent
Dutton Shadyside ParkHorseFeathers97Dutton, MIKent
K9 Lab KatroXXzillaDutton, MIKent
Gaslight series (5)micountrykidsEast Grand Rapids, MIKent
Ramona Park GirlAngel WinksEast Grand Rapids, MIKent
Favorite Festivals, Fairs, and FanfareAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Funny Ladies - EBAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Funny Ladies - LBAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Grand Rapids MarathonpjynxGrand Rapids, MIKent
Millennium Park Trails - Apple HarvestAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Millennium Park Trails - Autumn WreathAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Millennium Park Trails-Biking Along the BoardwalkAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
NesiAngel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Where the Wild Things Are... (5)Angel WinksGrand Rapids, MIKent
Zoo View LetterboxJAQsteffensGrand Rapids, MIKent
Rooms in the ParkGrandvillaGrand Rapids / Ada, MIKent
Make a WishGrandvillaGrand Rapids/Grandville, MIKent
Dragon FyreMobiuskleinGrand Rapids/Wyoming, MIKent
Present from the PinesGrandvillaGrand Rapids/Wyoming, MIKent
The Dragon's LairMobiuskleinGrand Rapids/Wyoming, MIKent
Grand Raggidy Roller GirlsPeanut Bethy Aaand JohnnyGrandville, MIKent
Heritage #1Now-n-LatersGrandville, MIKent
Heritage #2Now-n-LatersGrandville, MIKent
Heritage #3Now-n-LatersGrandville, MIKent
Untouchables #1Now-n-LatersGrandville/ Walker, MIKent
Untouchables #4Now-n-LatersGrandville/ Walker, MIKent
Untouchable #3Now-n-LatersGrandville/Walker, MIKent
Army of Ruthless MinionschachingGreenville, MIKent
Angels Watching Over (15)Angel WinksKentwood, MIKent
Spring Ahead!Angel WinksKentwood, MIKent
Showboat CityBootyBanditsLowell, MIKent
The Gossip (16)JustHappy2CyaLowell, MIKent
Tree FrogMaple Hill BilliesLowell, MIKent
Tickled Pink (8)Angel WinksRockford, MIKent
Fender at Lamar ParkchachingWyoming, MIKent
Lemery Parkcat peopleWyoming, MIKent
Lost Little MonkeyLizzzyWyoming, MIKent
Paris at Lamar ParkchachingWyoming, MIKent
The FroggersThe FroggersWyoming, MIKent
The Interurban Electric RailwaychachingWyoming, MIKent
This is ScoutingchachingWyoming, MIKent
Walk Through The WoodsWest WarriorsWyoming, MIKent
2005 GL LB exchange Peabody DucksGrandvillaWyoming/Grand Rapids, MIKent
2005 GL LB exchange USS CobiaMobiuskleinWyoming/Grand Rapids, MIKent
A is for ArcadiaSteppin'LeftArcadia, MIManistee
Taking WingCamp Arcadia Staff LadiesArcadia, MIManistee
Bear Creek 3 (3)milagroBrethren, MIManistee
ReganmilagroFreesoil, MIManistee
seagull landinghorsingaroundManistee, MIManistee
North Country Trail RunpjynxManistee / Wellston, MIManistee
Butterflies are free to fly (16) (16)milagroStronach, MIManistee
May FairymilagroAmber, MIMason
Rainbow's Ponderosa ParadiseRainbow's Ponderosa ParadFountain, MIMason
A Light For My PathGradys Glorify GodLudington, MIMason
Bailey's Walk (5)Bailey's BunchLudington, MIMason
BeechnutFamilyof6Ludington, MIMason
Big Sable Point LighthouseSpringChickLudington, MIMason
Compute ThisGradys Glorify GodLudington, MIMason
Dragonfly's FlightMilliauxLudington, MIMason
Dream OnKar Kar BinxLudington, MIMason
PterodactylKar Kar BinxLudington, MIMason
Purple PansyTwoTurtlesontheTrailLudington, MIMason
StegosaurusKar Kar BinxLudington, MIMason
The Missing Fishing Gear (4)TheHappyCampersLudington, MIMason
Thirteen Arrows (4)Barr FamilyLudington, MIMason
Under The Sea (4)Gradys Glorify GodLudington, MIMason
May Day DerbySpringChick???, MIMuskegon
Swan CemeterySpringChick???, MIMuskegon
order of the blue roseharmoniousmadnessmontague, MIMuskegon
Big LogTrail KidMuskegon, MIMuskegon
Lumbertown Series #4Keltic KaraMuskegon, MIMuskegon
Mouth of the MuskegonKeltic KaraMuskegon, MIMuskegon
Reflected TreesAstrogirlMuskegon, MIMuskegon
you-tou-can-goSunDawgMuskegon, MIMuskegon
Sandy Seasons: AutumnSpringChickMuskegon / Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Sandy Seasons: SpringSpringChickMuskegon / Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Sandy Seasons: SummerSpringChickMuskegon / Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Sandy Seasons: WinterSpringChickMuskegon / Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Spirit of the DunesSpringChickMuskegon / Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Walk-A-MileSpringChickMuskegon / Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Seagull ShadowsSpringChickMuskegon/Norton Shores, MIMuskegon
Big BearSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
BlockhouseSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Celestial Celtic Series (2)Bindle BabeNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Happy FeetSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Helios Series (7)SpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Kiss 'n TellSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Kitty Wuz HereBindle BabeNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Lost LakeKeltic KaraNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Lumbertown Series #3Keltic KaraNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Muskegon Lake PreserveKeltic KaraNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Muskegon Pier LightSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Snug HarborSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
SugarbowlSpringChickNorth Muskegon, MIMuskegon
Childhood Series box #1monkey mama'sNorton Shores, MIMuskegon
Childhood Series box #2monkey mama'sNorton Shores, MIMuskegon
Cool Chicks @PJmonkey mama'sNorton Shores, MIMuskegon
Sandy TrailsSpartyGalNorton Shores, MIMuskegon
Bike pathNanny's KidsWhitehall, MIMuskegon
Duck Lake SnapperTeam ToddWHitehall, MIMuskegon
Duck Lake SwanTeam ToddWhitehall, MIMuskegon
The Wandering Englishman and his Fair LadyAdoptableWhitehall, MIMuskegon
Tuckaway (Arts & Crafts in Indy)SpringChickWhitehall/Montague, MIMuskegon
On This RockPapa BearFremont, MINewaygo
Green SpearsFamilyof6Hart, MIOceana
Day at the Beach (3)Camper StampersMears, MIOceana
Little Sable Point LighthouseSpringChickMears, MIOceana
Ruckel's BridgeSpringChickMears, MIOceana
Sand Dune SunsetsSpringChickMears, MIOceana
Deathly ShadowsFamilyof6Pentwater, MIOceana
Pentwater PiratesThe 5MsPentwater, MIOceana
The Mourning TreeFamilyof6Pentwater, MIOceana
Burma Shave (6)Doglvrs??, MIOttawa
Funny Ladies - LVPAngel Winks??, MIOttawa
Confessions of a Bank Robberjenm2k???, MIOttawa
Dragonfly SurpriseAngel Winks???, MIOttawa
Home of Irish MusicKeltic Kara???, MIOttawa
Name That Dog #5Blondie17???, MIOttawa
That's Entertainment Series Part I (4)Grandvilla???, MIOttawa
That's Entertainment Series Part II (2)Grandvilla???, MIOttawa
MPHG Another ShrubberyThe DragonBauer/Georgetown Twp, MIOttawa
Baby BearBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Beach Bugjenm2kGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Bee Orchis Flower FairyAngel WinksGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Childs PlaySTL Cards FanGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Dog ChaseAngel WinksGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Flying MarioBlondie17Grand Haven, MIOttawa
Grand Haven annual 2009STL Cards FanGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Grand Haven Pier LightSpringChickGrand Haven, MIOttawa
HoggleBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Knight of the RelmBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Li'l CritterSpartyGalGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Little FishyBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Mama BearBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Mirror, MirrorSpringChickGrand Haven, MIOttawa
No EvilSpringChickGrand Haven, MIOttawa
One-Eyed KittySpringChickGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Papa BearBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Popcornjenm2kGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Rattle In The WoodsBoxrunnerGrand Haven, MIOttawa
S & K Riding Stablesjenm2kGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Snapshot #4: Rosy MoundPenguin PatrolGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Somewhere in the MiddleSpringChickGrand Haven, MIOttawa
The SeaGulljenm2kGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Tic-Tac-ToeSpringChickGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Velma's Hiding SpotAngel WinksGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Where have all the little monkey's gone? (6)monkey mama'sGrand Haven, MIOttawa
Old MacDonald part II (4)GrandvillaGrand Rapids, MIOttawa
SerpentineGrandvillaGrand Rapids / Jenison, MIOttawa
SphinxGrandvillaGrand Rapids / Jenison, MIOttawa
Who's at Hager?GrandvillaGrand Rapids / Jenison, MIOttawa
Celtic Series (3)MobiuskleinGrand Rapids/Jenison, MIOttawa
Two turtles (2)GrandvillaGrand Rapids/Jenison, MIOttawa
The Grave of Jacob AmanJAQsteffensGrand Rapids/Standale, MIOttawa
"M" - Big 10 SeriesWebber & BonzHolland, MIOttawa
A Different Kind of CastlePenguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
A Snow DayPenguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
A Symbol of Great ImportancePenguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
Big Red LighthouseAngel WinksHolland, MIOttawa
Blue Morpho ButterflyAngel WinksHolland, MIOttawa
BowserBlondie17Holland, MIOttawa
Holland Harbor LightSpringChickHolland, MIOttawa
Name That Dog #1Blondie17Holland, MIOttawa
Picture Perfect Over TimeAngel WinksHolland, MIOttawa
Sunset RidePenguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
The Love BirdsPenguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
Tourist Season!Penguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
Unicorns GS 2793UnicornsHolland, MIOttawa
What the Heck?Penguin PatrolHolland, MIOttawa
YoshiBlondie17Holland, MIOttawa
Perspectivejenm2kHolland/Zeeland, MIOttawa
Happy Birthday Louie (3)pjynxHudsonville, MIOttawa
Mrs. Doglvrs Newest PTDoglvrsHudsonville, MIOttawa
The Poisons (3)Angel WinksHudsonville, MIOttawa
Spring GroveAngel WinksJamestown, MIOttawa
Class of '86: #2DoglvrsJenison, MIOttawa
Hager HideawayJenison JokestersJenison, MIOttawa
Nascar 101 (5)Camper StampersMarne, MIOttawa
Old MacDonald Part 1 (3)GrandvillaNunica/Spring Lake, MIOttawa
Name That Dog #3Blondie17Pigeon Creek Park, West Olive, MIOttawa
Name That Dog #4Blondie17Saugatuck, MIOttawa
Class of '86: #4DoglvrsStandale, MIOttawa
Class of '86: #9DoglvrsStandale, MIOttawa
On the Fly #1VBSP BluegillsStandale, MIOttawa
Creek View at Aman Park (2)JAQsteffensStandale/Grand Rapids, MIOttawa
Americas Favorte TreatGrandvillaWest Olive, MIOttawa
Class of '86: #3DoglvrsWest Olive, MIOttawa
Class of '86: #6DoglvrsWest Olive, MIOttawa
Class of '86: #8DoglvrsWest Olive, MIOttawa
Come to the Fair by Atmoic BeansAtom 118 - Atomic BeansWest Olive, MIOttawa
Funny Ladies - BWAngel WinksWest Olive, MIOttawa
Funny Ladies - PDAngel WinksWest Olive, MIOttawa
Funny Ladies - WGAngel WinksWest Olive, MIOttawa
Hemlock Aquarium (5)GrandvillaWest Olive, MIOttawa
Lake Michigan ChickenSpringChickWest Olive, MIOttawa
LuigiBlondie17West Olive, MIOttawa
Lunch Timejenm2kWest Olive, MIOttawa
Mario Power Ups (5)Blondie17West Olive, MIOttawa
MPHG Sir Robin's ShieldThe DragonWest Olive, MIOttawa
Mystery EggBlondie17West Olive, MIOttawa
Name that Dog #2Blondie17West Olive, MIOttawa
Nightmare at 20,000 FeetTeam RabbitWest Olive, MIOttawa
Old School Canines (9)DoglvrsWest Olive, MIOttawa
Precious First Christmas Moments (9)jenm2kWest Olive, MIOttawa
Ready Or Not...jenm2kWest Olive, MIOttawa
Road to Perdition (2)Angel WinksWest Olive, MIOttawa
The Lorax...jenm2kWest Olive, MIOttawa
West Olive OwlROCK HOUNDSWest Olive, MIOttawa
When Pigs Dream (errata)cerealcityboxersWest Olive, MIOttawa
Winged HelmetTJ_MichWest Olive, MIOttawa
Wings of BeautySpringChickWest Olive, MIOttawa
Wooly OneFarmKidsWest Olive, MIOttawa
Black and WhiteAngel WinksZeeland, MIOttawa
Tree o' Moneyjenm2kZeeland, MIOttawa
Grandma's GardenGrandma's KidsCadillac, MIWexford
Hello!Grandma's KidsCadillac, MIWexford
Kautawabet??Angel WinksCadillac, MIWexford
Low Man on the Totem PolepathpuppyCadillac, MIWexford
Me Sick! (10)Angel WinksMesick, MIWexford