Lower Peninsula - Southwest Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Antique TreasuresPenguin PatrolDouglas, MIAllegan
BonzPenguin PatrolDouglas, MIAllegan
Cuppa RespitePenguin PatrolDouglas, MIAllegan
Do You Believe?Penguin PatrolDouglas, MIAllegan
Mini MarioPenguin PatrolDouglas, MIAllegan
The KeewatinPenguin PatrolDouglas, MIAllegan
Fenn Valley LetterboxarchaeofrogFennville, MIAllegan
Pier Cove ParkAngel WinksGlenn, MIAllegan
Sunset Park - vacationSunDawgGlenn, MIAllegan
Class of '86 #10DoglvrsHamilton, MIAllegan
Class of '86: #1DoglvrsHamilton, MIAllegan
A Light in the AtticAngel WinksHolland, MIAllegan
Catch of the Day?Angel WinksHolland, MIAllegan
Macatawa's Castle ParkChillyHolland, MIAllegan
Spera in DeoiBloomin' Gramma JoHolland, MIAllegan
The Bird and the Butterfly (2)wandererHolland, MIAllegan
Contemporary CrossMamanatorOtsego, MIAllegan
Plainwell AngelMamanatorPlainwell, MIAllegan
The Stolen Peach (2)carsandgavSaugatauk, MIAllegan
9/11 - The Oak: Long Life, Strength, EnduranceAngel WinksSaugatuck, MIAllegan
A Sign of Spring!Penguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
A Yummy TreatPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
An Unnative SpecimenPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
April Fool letterbox series (2)Three TravelersSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Birthday LetterboxChillySaugatuck, MIAllegan
Dropping AnchorPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
From the Wine CellarPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
I-196 S Pit StopPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Mt. BaldyChrisSaugatuck, MIAllegan
NavigationPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Old Man WinterSpringChickSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Saugatuck Loves ArtPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
School Yard HumorPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Spring FlingSpringChickSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Spring WreathPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Stop To Smell The RosesSunDawgSaugatuck, MIAllegan
The Black SwanPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
The Dragon's BackChillySaugatuck, MIAllegan
The Great American Pin-Up Series: ValerieLock, Shock & BarrelSaugatuck, MIAllegan
The Interurban TrolleyPenguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
There's So Much Snow in Michigan...Penguin PatrolSaugatuck, MIAllegan
Toy ClownMamanator???, MIBarry
MPHG "Death Awaits You All with Big, Nasty, PThe DragonGun Lake/Middleville, MIBarry
Hunter's Delight (7)JustHappy2CyaHastings, MIBarry
Lucky HorseshoecerealcityboxersHastings/Gun Lake, MIBarry
A Fine Place to FishPurple DragonflyHickory Corners, MIBarry
Fly By NightDoglvrsMiddleville, MIBarry
Fractured Fairy TalesDoglvrsMiddleville, MIBarry
Michael WaltripDoglvrsMiddleville, MIBarry
Punkin' Patch Kids Series (9)SpringChickMiddleville, MIBarry
The Amazing Series (5)GrandvillaMiddleville, MIBarry
The Cowmooflage BoxBootyBanditsNashville, MIBarry
E & B's Excellent AdventureSunDawgBaroda, MIBerrien
Round BarnSunDawgBaroda, MIBerrien
Ruggles Cemetery BlessingsSunDawgBaroda, MIBerrien
Ruggles Cemetery BlessingsSunDawgBaroda, MIBerrien
Sarett Nature CenterSarett YellowthroatsBenton Harbor, MIBerrien
Love Creek County ParkSunDawgBerrien Center, MIBerrien
Courthouse SquareDoodleDeBerrien Springs, MIBerrien
Wishful ThinkingDoodleDeBerrien Springs, MIBerrien
"Bakertown Cemetery"MomCatBuchanan, MIBerrien
E & B's Excellent AnniversaryMomCatBuchanan, MIBerrien
FISHING MEMORIES (2)MomCatBuchanan, MIBerrien
Laissez Les Bons Temps RoulerTheBeardedClamsBuchanan, MIBerrien
Pizza & BunsSunDawgBuchanan, MIBerrien
Glad-Peach FestivalSunDawgColoma, MIBerrien
"They're Here"SunDawgGalien, MIBerrien
"You've Got A Friend"SunDawgGalien, MIBerrien
A Little Bit of Sweden (5)Tiptoe & TontoHarbert, MIBerrien
I-94 Traffic Crawl: Welcome to MichiganSpringChickNew Buffalo, MIBerrien
Pine Grove Cemetery (2)SunDawgNew Buffalo, MIBerrien
The Joker's Wild (3)SunDawgNew Buffalo, MIBerrien
Woods At NightSunDawgNew Buffalo, MIBerrien
Fort St. JosephMomCatNiles, MIBerrien
Hello Kitty!MamanatorNiles, MIBerrien
Madeline Bertrand County ParkSunDawgNiles, MIBerrien
Niles Stairway to HeavenSunDawgNiles, MIBerrien
Treasures From The PastSunDawgNiles, MIBerrien
Unlocking The Antique Librarylots of funNiles, MIBerrien
"Little Red Corvette"SunDawgSawyer, MIBerrien
Beach View By The Dunes2 bentridersSawyer, MIBerrien
Postal Letterboxing #3SunDawgSodus, MIBerrien
Along the ShelvesDawnkeySt. Joseph, MIBerrien
Along the TracksDawnkeySt. Joseph, MIBerrien
Emma LouSoNewThree Oaks, MIBerrien
On The Verge - Baby YetitadtooThree Oaks, MIBerrien
Watervliet PanthersSunDawgWatervliet, MIBerrien
Bad Day, Got BetterMamanatorBurlington, MIBranch
Rabbit piepale puppy posse????, MICalhoun
Io TriumphecodysixAlbion, MICalhoun
Mama DuckPhilosopher RabbitAlbion, MICalhoun
The ForksboogiemanAlbion, MICalhoun
Batty BuddiesSunDawgAthens, MICalhoun
"Rainy Day"starrgazerBattle Creek, MICalhoun
A big lets get it doneHC1538Battle Creek, MICalhoun
Anniversary CakehipityhoppitybabyhopBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Bridge ParkHCdancer0044Battle Creek, MICalhoun
Chipmunk ChowdercerealcityboxersBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Come Rescue MehipityhoppitybabyhopBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Frog Preserves (since 2003) (5)cerealcityboxersBattle Creek, MICalhoun
June Bug JellocerealcityboxersBattle Creek, MICalhoun
KiSSpale puppy posseBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Leaves GaloreEarsandNoseBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Mosquito MargaritacerealcityboxersBattle Creek, MICalhoun
No Training WheelsBlue Sky in KazooBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Renaissance FaireEarsandNoseBattle Creek, MICalhoun
skeleton or skellington?Hillbilly_QueenBattle Creek, MICalhoun
Termite TamalescerealcityboxersBattle Creek, MICalhoun
THE GRADUATEfroggyandtoadyBattle creek, MICalhoun
Wheels on the BushipityhoppitybabyhopBattle Creek, MICalhoun
The American Bird Trail (3)4blingwarblursBellevue, MICalhoun
Fluffles The CatHillbilly_Queenceresco, mi, MICalhoun
Am I Not a man and brotherfroggyandtoadyMarshall, MICalhoun
Crash BashLetterBoxFan08Marshall, MICalhoun
Dragonfly MedicinestarrgazerMarshall, MICalhoun
FREE TURKEYfroggyandtoadyMarshall, MICalhoun
Have you seen my cat?HLR chippersMarshall, MICalhoun
Have you seen my dog?HLR chippersMarshall, MICalhoun
Oakridge CemeterystarrgazerMarshall, MICalhoun
R.I.P. AUSTIN STAMPfroggyandtoadyMarshall, MICalhoun
Temple of LovestarrgazerMarshall, MICalhoun
What's the Buzz?SunDawgMarshall, MICalhoun
Kentucky Raid MuralSunDawgCassopolis, MICass
No Name CemeteryMomCatCassopolis, MICass
Red Brick SchoolMomCatCassopolis, MICass
Russ ForestLoveCatzCassopolis, MICass
"Purple Heart"SunDawgDowagiac, MICass
"Sister Lakes Cemetery"SunDawgDowagiac, MICass
"Sumnerville Cemetery"MomCatDowagiac, MICass
"The Old Rugged Cross"MomCatDowagiac, MICass
Arthur Dodd Memorial Park (2)MomCatDowagiac, MICass
Chessie CatsSunDawgDowagiac, MICass
Lion's ParkSunDawgDowagiac, MICass
Russ Forest County Park - Newton WoodsSunDawgDowagiac, MICass
Smile DaileyMomCatDowagiac/Edwardsburg, MICass
M had a little lambThe SearchersPokagon, MICass
"Underground Railroad"SunDawgVandalia, MICass
Fairy GuardianJustHappy2Cya???, MIEaton
Old Iron: The machines that changed the face of th (3)JustHappy2Cya???, MIEaton
Caterpillar ColeslawcerealcityboxersBellevue, MIEaton
CraneFest XIpale puppy posseBellevue, MIEaton
Feathered Friends (5)JustHappy2CyaBellevue, MIEaton
Peking DuckcerealcityboxersBellevue, MIEaton
Toasted ToadcerealcityboxersBellevue, MIEaton
Is it CHAR-let or Char-LOT?JustHappy2CyaCharlotte, MIEaton
Baseball: The Good & The Bad (4)BootyBanditsGrand Ledge, MIEaton
Flora Fora U (4)JustHappy2CyaGrand Ledge, MIEaton
Shelly's Dovelilred64Grand Ledge, MIEaton
The Fingers Cold and Toes Numb Olympics SeriesFamilyof6Grand Ledge, MIEaton
The GruffaloBootyBanditsGrand Ledge, MIEaton
The Love / Hate RelationshipBootyBanditsgrand ledge, MIEaton
The Seven Seances of the Seven Islands Resort (7)Familyof6Grand Ledge, MIEaton
Eye of the RoseJustHappy2CyaLansing, MIEaton
The Trap (2)Guys and DollsLansing, MIEaton
A Wee Bit of Triviaweary travlerssunfield, MIEaton
High SignFish's Card RoomSunfield, MIEaton
Java JoeFish's Card RoomSunfield, MIEaton
Lilacs (4)JustHappy2CyaSunfield, MIEaton
Sheridan Shoots The SpyFish's Card RoomSunfield, MIEaton
the Snowmanthesportsnuts??, MIKalamazoo
Let's Be Sense-Ablepale puppy posse???, MIKalamazoo
Mystery of Starpenguinstarpenguin???, MIKalamazoo
Autumn in Alamo (4)SunDawgAlamo, MIKalamazoo
Covered Bridge in AugustaBlue Sky in KazooAugusta, MIKalamazoo
Dig It! (3)cerealcityboxersAugusta, MIKalamazoo
Postal Letterboxing #1 (2)SunDawgAugusta, MIKalamazoo
It's Outta Here!Blue Sky in KazooBattle Creek, MIKalamazoo
FlutterbyazoboxBattle Creek & Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Fred McLinden TrailBlue Sky in KazooBattle Creek & Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Ft. Custer State Recreation Area (2)pale puppy posseBattle Creek & Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Perky PigeonSunDawgClimax, MIKalamazoo
CATSTOCK (6)SunDawgComstock, MIKalamazoo
COMSTOCK CEMETERYSunDawgComstock, MIKalamazoo
Cooper ParkSunDawgComstock, MIKalamazoo
Cold Brook County Parkpale puppy posseGalesburg-Augusta, MIKalamazoo
Alamo Creek LetterboxNeoteric KinematicsKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
AnniversaryOdenateKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Another Birdie Flies HomeSunDawgKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Asylum Lake Preserve+pale puppy posseKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Cave of Crazy HorseSunDawgKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Kalamazoo River Valley TrailwaySunDawgKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Last Letterbox in the WoodsBlue Sky in KazooKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Lillian Anderson Arboretumpale puppy posseKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Making a simble birthday gift specialrjphowardKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Michigan FruitLacrosse_WeirdosKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Montgolfier BalloonFiddleheadsKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Nature QuestKalamazoo Nature CenterKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Signs of Spring (2)starrgazerKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Snapshot #1: Michigan PinesPenguin PatrolKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Stick Man Goes LetterboxingPenguin PatrolKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Ted’s JewelbflysmileKalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
Three Classes (3)KzooAlohaDreamersKalamazoo/Otsego, MIKalamazoo
"Ellie"SunDawgPortage, MIKalamazoo
A Greener EarthPenguin PatrolPortage, MIKalamazoo
A Perfect Picnic (3)MamanatorPortage, MIKalamazoo
Flutterby ButterflythesportsnutsPortage, MIKalamazoo
Four Wheels on Each FootPenguin PatrolPortage, MIKalamazoo
GOD'S BRIDGECimbaPortage, MIKalamazoo
Hike in the Woods (3)MamanatorPortage, MIKalamazoo
Holidays LetterboxthesportsnutsPortage, MIKalamazoo
Liberty BoxthesportsnutsPortage, MIKalamazoo
MPHG "Lord Bless This Thy Hand Grenade"The DragonPortage, MIKalamazoo
Not Singin' the BluesPenguin PatrolPortage, MIKalamazoo
S.H.E.S. - PORTAGE (2)SunDawgPortage, MIKalamazoo
To Catch a Crossroads DemonsbflysmilePortage, MIKalamazoo
Winter Time Fun (2)thesportsnutsPortage, MIKalamazoo
Ye Seek The Archer?Penguin PatrolPortage, MIKalamazoo
West Lake Nature Preserve+ (2)pale puppy possePortage or Kalamazoo0, MIKalamazoo
Kellogg Biological Station (Annex)SunDawgRichland, MIKalamazoo
Kellogg Bird SanctuarySunDawgRichland, MIKalamazoo
Kellogg ForestSunDawgRichland, MIKalamazoo
Soaring and SearchingMamanatorSchoolcraft, MIKalamazoo
Chick-a-dee-dee-deeSunDawgScotts, MIKalamazoo
Hi, Chick! (2)SunDawgScotts, MIKalamazoo
Tiny Mill (3)SunDawgScotts, MIKalamazoo
Reddie for the New Year!starrgazerTexas Township, MIKalamazoo
Heaven AwaitsMamanatorVicksburg, MIKalamazoo
Hersey 2008DavidandKaarenVicksburg, MIKalamazoo
Prairie View Parkpale puppy posseVicksburg, MIKalamazoo
The Hollows Handcuff & Charms (6)bflysmileVicksburg, MIKalamazoo
POOF! It's MagicgarfanColon, MISt. Joseph
Tulips in the CemeteryMamanatorConstantine, MISt. Joseph
Country CemeteryMamanatorFlorence Township, MISt. Joseph
Sailing Away in LeonidasMamanatorLeonidas, MISt. Joseph
Childhood Toys: Barrel of MonkeysMamanatorMendon, MISt. Joseph
Flowers for DadMamanatorMendon, MISt. Joseph
Mottville Bridge IISunDawgMottville, MISt. Joseph
Doctor Who (8)MamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Fall Friends (2)MamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Kick FlipMamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Monsters, Inc. (4)MamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Paige's SweetsMamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Riverside CemeteryMamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Sew Much FunMamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Where's the Snow?MamanatorThree Rivers, MISt. Joseph
Welcome! (2)SunDawg???, MIVan Buren
Kal-Haven Trail - Gobles - IISunDawgGobles, MIVan Buren
The Five Sisters Letterbox5littlesistersGobles, MIVan Buren
"Keeler 1919"MomCatKeeler, MIVan Buren
DetourSunDawgKendall, MIVan Buren
Pine GroveSunDawgKendall, MIVan Buren
Brush Creek UPDATED 2014Drunken SailerLawrence, MIVan Buren
"A Lawton Leader"SunDawgLawton, MIVan Buren
Lawton Public Library (3)SunDawgLawton, MIVan Buren
Oak Grove CemeterySunDawgLawton, MI, MIVan Buren
Are You Going for Fish?pale puppy posseMattawan or Kalamazoo, MIVan Buren
"Elmore Leonard"SunDawgPaw Paw, MIVan Buren
"Muzzy Mouse"SunDawgPaw Paw, MIVan Buren
Old Almena Town HallSunDawgPaw Paw, MIVan Buren
Prospect Hill Cemetery (2)SunDawgPaw Paw, MIVan Buren
St. Mary's Cemetery (2)SunDawgPaw Paw, MIVan Buren
Hoppin' Thru The Cemetery (2)SunDawgPaw Paw, MI, MIVan Buren
Celery Pond (3)SunDawgSouth Haven, MIVan Buren
Froggin AroundUp, up, and awaySouth Haven, MIVan Buren
Hoppin Down the Bunny Trailgemgirl65South Haven, MIVan Buren
I SpyazoboxSouth Haven, MIVan Buren
S.H.E.S. (2)SunDawgSouth Haven, MIVan Buren
Search for the Key: The Great Chicago Fire (2)Angel WinksSouth Haven, MIVan Buren
South Haven Vacation - RookieSunDawgSouth Haven, MIVan Buren
What Campers Appreciate Most...VBSP BluegillsSouth Haven, MIVan Buren
Whose Shoes? (Hiking)azoboxSouth Haven, MIVan Buren