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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Intrigue at Aiden Lair Series (7)Munchkin StamperSomerset Center, MIHillsdale
Clue BearBear TraceEast Lansing, MIIngham
OMERWaltzing PigsEast Lansing, MIIngham
Patriarche Park - Journey-Munchkin StamperEast Lansing, MIIngham
Treasure of Troop 398PaleogirlEast Lansing, MIIngham
The Jetsons Series (7)Munchkin StamperHaslett (East Lansing), MIIngham
Give Peace a Chance - HoltTrailTrollHolt, MIIngham
Odin at ValhallaTrailTrollHolt, MIIngham
VeggieTales Series (4)MacDermaid4Laingsburg, MIIngham
Kiss of Deathk13 TeamLansing, MIIngham
Poke-A-BallRIFamilyLansing, MIIngham
Hidden SecretsHidden SecretsOkemos, MIIngham
Why we love Michigan (4)M&C11Okemos, MIIngham
Autumn Days in Williamston (20)Squirrels4EverWilliamston, MIIngham
Williamston HornetsSquirrels4EverWilliamston, MIIngham
Waterloo Moose on the LooseFlotilla the HunChelsea, MIJackson
Amid the Cranes & GrapesSandhillWineJackson, MIJackson
Ella's ButterflystarrgazerJackson, MIJackson
Sandy CraneBNL BaliGrlJackson, MIJackson
Ashes to AshesAzralayaAddison, MILenawee
Pickle EaterscerealcityboxersAdrian, MILenawee
The Displaced Ladybug5reikidsMI, MILenawee
A Beautiful ButterflyMcKowen ClanTecumseh, MILenawee
Hidden Lake Gardenspale puppy posseTecumseh & Tipton, MILenawee
The Yummiest Tootsie Roll Ever!mully gang???, MILivingston
A Christmas StoryFlotilla the HunBrighton, MILivingston
A Day in BrightonAlexRoverBrighton, MILivingston
Blue's Clues Adventuremully gangBrighton, MILivingston
Dana and Tim's Love Letter BoxsilaspiralBrighton, MILivingston
Got Snow?mully gangBrighton, MILivingston
Happy 4TH !!!Flotilla the HunBrighton, MILivingston
Happy St. Patricks Day Bonus BoxFlotilla the HunBrighton, MILivingston
Horseshoe PondFlotilla the HunBrighton, MILivingston
MJRmully gangBrighton, MILivingston
Reason for the SeasonMooseketeersFowlerville, MILivingston
SunShiney DayMooseketeersFowlerville, MILivingston
I Want CandyAunt LisaHartland, MILivingston
Slumbering MouseGill GumshoesHartland, MILivingston
Go to Hell!The DragonHell, MILivingston
"Here Comes Peter Cottontail"mully gangHowell, MILivingston
"Spot's First Walk"mully gangHowell, MILivingston
Change Trail(Camp Innisfree)kar9Howell, MILivingston
Dog Tags (3)mully gangHowell, MILivingston
Dream Trail(Camp Innisfree)kar9Howell, MILivingston
Friendship Trail(Camp Innisfree)kar9Howell, MILivingston
Happiness Trail(Camp Innisfree)kar9Howell, MILivingston
Live Trail(Camp Innisfree)kar9Howell, MILivingston
Tree frogsTree frogsHowell, MILivingston
Wish Trail(Camp Innisfree)kar9Howell, MILivingston
Kensington "Mr. Potato Head" (5)Mouse troopMilford, MILivingston
Kensington "Sports Arena" (4)Mouse troopMilford, MILivingston
Kensingtons Hidden BanditMouse troopMilford, MILivingston
Kesington's International DogMouse troopMilford, MILivingston
Trail CatsDawnkeyMilford, MILivingston
The EyeTeam Rabbit???, MIMacomb
Time Waits for No ManDouble Dragon???, MIMacomb
Year of the RabbitTeam Rabbit???, MIMacomb
Rainy-Day RabbitTeam RabbitClinton Township, MIMacomb
Three Loves (3)Forester familyClinton Township, MIMacomb
Time SnatcherForester familyClinton Township, MIMacomb
play dayTroop 70095Eastpointe, MIMacomb
Home of the Woodland FairyDouble DragonHarrison Township, MIMacomb
Badge WorkTroop30302Romeo, MIMacomb
K9 Apple OrchardroXXzillaRomeo, MIMacomb
The Red Dragon's Lair (3)Double DragonRomeo, MIMacomb
Captain's LogAngel79Shelby Township, MIMacomb
Riverbends Park - Twin TreesMayer4Shelby Township, MIMacomb
Fun at Stony (4)Prince IgorShelby Twp., MIMacomb
Cygnus X-1Team RabbitSterling Heights, MIMacomb
The Girl Scout ExplorersBrownie Troop 30831Sterling Heights, MIMacomb
UHS ChieftainKimoppiUtica, MIMacomb
Grandma's Treasure TrunklovelyDundee, MIMonroe
Dinosaur ParkSITE SleuthsMilan, MIMonroe
A History LessonMarigold KlobenwaterMonroe, MIMonroe
Frogs Life (4)perfect pairMonroe, MIMonroe
Lake Erie Creature Box 1Scout/GatorMonroe, MIMonroe
The Lochness Monster (Mythological Creature Box 5)perfect pairMonroe, MIMonroe
Love MichiganDawnkeyPetersburg, MIMonroe
Historic Waterford VillageAce Blazer Waterford, MIOakland
DionysusLunagirl & Papa???, MIOakland
Gunner the RunnerUpward Trail???, MIOakland
"For Love of the Game"The little RingsAuburn Hills, MIOakland
Letterbox of PigletTrailTrollAuburn Hills, MIOakland
Lunagirl's HideawayLunagirl & PapaAuburn Hills, MIOakland
Woodward Dream Cruise 2012 - four days only!!!PuppybreathBerkley, MIOakland
Rouge River WoodsMousiedude101Beverly Hills, MIOakland
A Night on the TownTinyTrailsBirmingham, MIOakland
The BaronTrailTrollBloomfield Hills, MIOakland
Fantasy Quest (8)Double DragonClarkston, MIOakland
Mac'n'Cheese MysteryThing 2Clarkston, MIOakland
The Legend of ChopsinPennyPennyClarkston, MIOakland
Owl's PeakspartanfansCommerce, MIOakland
Walled Lake Amusement ParkspartanfansCommerce, MIOakland
Girl Scout Adventure!Girl Scout Troop 74679Commerce Township, MIOakland
MarthaOutdoorEdCommerce Twp., MIOakland
Mind The MuckOutdoorEdCommerce Twp., MIOakland
Rare FendhopperDavisburg, MIOakland
A Day In the Park (2)MonarchManiacsFarmington, MIOakland
Ahoy LetterboxcupcakequeenFarmington Hills, MIOakland
Eleanor Spicer's Treasure Huntkar9Farmington Hills, MIOakland
Lord Farquhar LetterboxcupcakequeenFarmington Hills, MIOakland
National Treasure Series (6)TrailTrollFarmington Hills, MIOakland
Surprise RabbitPhilosopher RabbitFarmington Hills, MIOakland
CupcakecupcakequeenFarmngton Hills, MIOakland
Fabulous FerndalemidnightexplorersFerndale, MIOakland
School Daze: HistorymidnightexplorersFerndale, MIOakland
A Knights TaleThe 5MsHolly, MIOakland
A Weekend Away...Double DragonHolly, MIOakland
Guardians of the Lakes (3)TrailTrollHolly, MIOakland
Holly, Hailey, Holey (3)TrailTrollHolly, MIOakland
Hunting for Honey in HollyThe HagensHolly, MIOakland
The BarBuflyJN8Holly, MIOakland
Beebe's PhantomThe 5MsHolly (Rose Township), MIOakland
Somethin' FishyThe 5MsHolly (Rose Township), MIOakland
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughTrailTrollLake Orion, MIOakland
Cryptic TalestarrgazerMilford, MIOakland
Kensington HaikuDeliriumMilford, MIOakland
Shorty Jumps!Wisconsin HikerMilford, MIOakland
So Long Michigan, '75-'05DeliriumMilford, MIOakland
Diwali CelebrationTrailTrollNovi, MIOakland
Down By The FuerstFancyPantsManNovi, MIOakland
Bird is the WordShip of FoolsOrion Township, MIOakland
Oakwood Lake Friends (4)Got Sand!Oxford, MIOakland
RHPL - Ulmus Glabra CamperdowniiRHPLRochester, MIOakland
The Runaway Purple DinosaurAce BlazerRochester, MIOakland
We're Coming To Get Ewe, Baabara...Ace BlazerRochester, MIOakland
Zuko's EscapeJ.A.Z.Z.Rochester, MIOakland
A Dinosaur and His HillTrailTrollRochester Hills, MIOakland
Eugene the FortunateRattrakRochester Hills, MIOakland
King's CrownCareBearRochester Hills, MIOakland
Matilda's RideLindianajonesRochester Hills, MIOakland
Peace with Nature 2RattrakRochester Hills, MIOakland
Picnic by the rivertruly transformedRochester Hills, MIOakland
South Lyon Junior LeaguePennyPennySouth Lyon, MIOakland
Polar BearsPrince IgorTroy, MIOakland
The Visiting FirefighterTrailTrollTroy, MIOakland
TPL - Troy Community CenterTroyPLTroy, MIOakland
TPL - Troy Family Aquatic CenterTroyPLTroy, MIOakland
TPL - Troy Historic VillageTroyPLTroy, MIOakland
TPL - Troy Nature CenterTroyPLTroy, MIOakland
TPL - Troy Public LibraryTroyPLTroy, MIOakland
TPL - Troy Public Library Letterbox Scavenger HuntTroyPLTroy, MIOakland
The Nose KnowsDeliriumWalled Lake, MIOakland
The Nose Knows - version 2.0TrailTrollWalled Lake, MIOakland
Drayton Plains Nature CenterAce BlazerWaterford, MIOakland
Help Me Find My BloomersTrailTrollWest Bloomfield, MIOakland
Wandering in the Wetlands (3)TrailTrollWest Bloomfield, MIOakland
Area51The DragonWixom, MIOakland
Sparkle in the ParkThe Flying BoxersWixom, MIOakland
Where Your Treasure Is, Your Heart Will Be Also.J, R, & rWixom, MIOakland
A Very Scary Placeypsitucky queen???, MIWashtenaw
Always: A MysteryJ&B Books???, MIWashtenaw
Quirky the SquirrelSoNew???, MIWashtenaw
The Firetruck Mystery LetterboxMichKathy???, MIWashtenaw
Viridian TerrapinDawnkey???, MIWashtenaw
350 MichiganCurious CrowAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
A Rose By Any Other NameJ&B BooksAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
AAHOM #1MichKathyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
AAHOM #2MichKathyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
AAHOM #5MichKathyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
ArborlandSITE SleuthsAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Brave Little BuckeyeTrailTrollAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Brush Your TeethAunt LisaAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Curious Crow's CacheCurious CrowAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Dixboro Merry-go-roundCurious CrowANN ARBOR, MIWashtenaw
Eleusinian Mysteries (3)cariadusclanAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Evil SnowmanGriffon v. DragonAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
FoundCurious CrowAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
GiGi got lostypsitucky queenann arbor, MIWashtenaw
Go Blue!TJ_MichAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Jack Raclette Gets MaroonedDawnkeyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Jack Raclette Gets RichDawnkeyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Jack's Last JourneyAutumngirlAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Jackson Road CruiseMichKathyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Lab Rats in the Arbkeldar5Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Liam's lost toy in Delhi ParkSGLsAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Lillie Park #1pumpkin-doodleAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Lillie Park #2pumpkin-doodleAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Lillie Park #3TammayrendAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Makidada I: The Handclapping GamecariadusclanAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Makidada II & III: Family Time (2)cariadusclanAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Makidada IV & V: Community Garden (2)cariadusclanAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Miller Park, Grace St.Simon FelixAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Pirates Ahoy Bearly Pirates (5)DawnkeyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
The Best Ballet Box, Barre None!DawnkeyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
The Best Friend 2 Girls Could HaveRemember the LionAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
The EngineerDawnkeyAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Wandering Kanaka #3 - MichiganSymmetry in MotionAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
What A Face! – Midwest Reprise (7)J&B BooksAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Who's That Girl: Veronica ElectronicakoalacatAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Wildcat on the RundillodocAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
You Say It's Your Birthday ...J&B BooksAnn Arbor, MIWashtenaw
Feelin' Lucky, Punk?DawnkeyChelsea, MIWashtenaw
Go Dawgs!Hubbard Chickn RanchChelsea, MIWashtenaw
The Lassila OrchidcariadusclanChelsea, MIWashtenaw
April Fool'sSilent DougDexter, MIWashtenaw
Colors of Summergecko4Dexter, MIWashtenaw
Mo' MustangsThe DragonDexter, MIWashtenaw
Motown WonderWisconsin HikerDexter, MIWashtenaw
Pirates Ahoy Bermuda Triangle (3)DawnkeyDexter, MIWashtenaw
The FossilThe Cat's GramDexter, MIWashtenaw
Tranquil MomentTeam RabbitDexter, MIWashtenaw
Journey to Narnia (3)DawnkeyDixboro, MIWashtenaw
Puss in BootsDawnkeyDixboro, MIWashtenaw
Cemetery GatesGrass Lake GirlsManchester, MI, MIWashtenaw
Back in the SaddleSITE SleuthsMilan, MIWashtenaw
Camp Song: Funky ChickenkoalacatMilan, MIWashtenaw
Field of DreamsSITE SleuthsMilan, MIWashtenaw
Get in the GameSITE SleuthsMilan, MIWashtenaw
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (10)SITE SleuthsSaline, MIWashtenaw
Build a Coral Reef (8)MichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Campfire Song: Baby SharkMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Campfire Song: Bazooka BubblegumMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Campfire Song: Found a PeanutMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Campfire Song: Penguin SongMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Clue Tracker Test BoxMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Clue Tracker Test Series (12)MichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Don't Bug Me... I'm Reading!MichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Jitter CakeMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
The Very Hungry Caterpillar LBMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Tommy's CabooseMichKathySaline, MIWashtenaw
Deer or Sandhill Cranes?DeweyDuckSuperior Township, MIWashtenaw
The Broken Key LetterboxThe DragonWaterloo, MIWashtenaw
IndulgenceIndulgenceWhitmore Lake, MIWashtenaw
The Campers FirstcampersYork Township, MIWashtenaw
Crane RoadkrustycrewYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Gone With The WindSITE SleuthsYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Haunted No More Box #10DawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Hudson Hornet Coupe 1953DawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
It's Fall...Cross Country!DawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Lost Starkweather FountainDawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Makidada VII & IX : Home (2)cariadusclanYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Makidada X & XI : Playtime (2)cariadusclanYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
MakidadaVI & VII : Preschool (2)cariadusclanYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Petey the Penguin and His Pink PajamasDawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Potluck PicnicSITE SleuthsYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Start Here... Go Anywhere!DawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
SWOOPFlotilla the HunYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
The BibleSITE SleuthsYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
The Headless Horseman of YpsilantitadtooYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
We're Going on a Bear HuntSITE SleuthsYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Where the Buffalo RoamDawnkeyYpsilanti, MIWashtenaw
Java JunkieBNL BaliGrl???, MIWayne
'Til Death Do Us Part - PIFBNL BaliGrlBelleville, MIWayne
The Hopscotch ParkDalmataBelleville, MIWayne
The Pooh Stick ParkDalmataBelleville, MIWayne
Ahoy, Matey!4eyesmcgeeBrownstown, MIWayne
GAQLBE11: Summer Fun4eyesmcgeeBrownstown, MIWayne
Good Luck Charms (6)perfect pairBrownstown, MIWayne
Little Green Men Box #1perfect pairBrownstown, MIWayne
Lady in RedBNL BaliGrlCanton, MIWayne
Little Green Men Box #4perfect pairCanton, MIWayne
The Castle ParkDalmataCanton, MIWayne
The Diamond ParkDalmataCanton, MIWayne
Joy of the RiverSquawkerDearborn, MIWayne
Design Dash 2013 (5)Design Dash 2013Detroit, MIWayne
Detroit TitansPrince IgorDetroit, MIWayne
Riddle of the RiverwalkLindianajonesDetroit, MIWayne
Tatar WarriorPrince IgorDetroit, MIWayne
Wayne WisdomLindianajonesDetroit, MIWayne
BadKitty4eyesmcgeeFlat Rock, MIWayne
Born to die4eyesmcgeeFlat Rock, MIWayne
Tucker's TributedsgmiFlat Rock, MIWayne
Green DayBNL BaliGrlGibraltar, MIWayne
Wake Up!milagroGibralter, MIWayne
Heart of a Championperfect pairLincoln Park, MIWayne
Mario?!?perfect pairLincoln Park, MIWayne
Girl Scouts Rock!Girl Scout Troop 75103Livonia, MIWayne
spongebob and friends (6)milagroLivonia, MIWayne
Staff of Life - Not available (Out of Business)silver thornLivonia, MIWayne
'Til Death Do Us Part - FGBNL BaliGrlNorthville, MIWayne
Birds of a Red Feather (5)redhayersNorthville, MIWayne
Dashing Through the SnowLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
Everything in BalanceLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
Frosty RyderLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
Go Team - Hoop RollJsleuthNorthville, MIWayne
Here's Looking for You, KidJ-WalkersNorthville, MIWayne
Hu 'Skis'LadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
It’s FundamentalLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
LaikaClickermom3Northville, MIWayne
PawcassoLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
school dayspuppypaw414northville, MIWayne
Three DOG NightLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
Touch My Hand, Touch My HeartLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
Walking in a Winter WonderlandLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
You Dirty RatLadywolfNorthville, MIWayne
'Til Death Do Us Part - HPATOOTPBNL BaliGrlPlymouth, MIWayne
Bonus Basketperfect pairRiverview, MIWayne
Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2011: On The Cross4eyesmcgeeSouthgate, MIWayne
Saving Pegasusperfect pairSouthgate, MIWayne
Michigan's Favorite Sons (4)Granny ButterflyTaylor, MIWayne
Little Green Men Box #2perfect pairTrenton, MIWayne
My First GeocacheMumma Ice CreamTrenton, MIWayne
Heart of the ForestGhostownWayne, MIWayne
Wacky WaynewessmanWayne, MIWayne
Do I look mischeivous?milagroWestland, MIWayne
Holliday at the Zoo (5)milagroWestland, MIWayne
I SPEAK FOR THE TREESmilagroWestland, MIWayne
Michigan's New State Birdperfect pairWoodhaven, MIWayne
Fisher of MenDigusWyandotte, MIWayne
Fore!perfect pairYpsilanti Township, MIWayne