Lower Peninsula - North Letterboxes

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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
Hitchikers Guide To Earth2 broz???, MIAlcona
Fun in the Sun2 brozGreenbush, MIAlcona
H is for HarrisvilleSteppin'LeftHarrisville, MIAlcona
K is for Kiki CuylerSteppin'LeftHarrisville, MIAlcona
Lighting it up2 brozHarrisville, MIAlcona
The Sunrise SidePirateCrewHarrisville, MIAlcona
All Grown upOrchid Lover & Lil LilyAlpena, MIAlpena
Besser Elementary Nature TrailYooperGoldFishAlpena, MIAlpena
FloridaFour's Childhood Memories (2)FloridaFourAlpena, MIAlpena
Lady-slipperGraziaAlpena, MIAlpena
Water Cycle Series (4)Lizard ladyAlpena, MIAlpena
BlackberryGraziaTown of Hubbard Lake, MIAlpena
For GrandmakoalacatAlba, MIAntrim
Penny Bridge LetterboxThe NightwalkersAlba, MIAntrim
Pinney (or Penny) BridgekoalacatAlba, MIAntrim
ReceptionEzmereldaAlba, MIAntrim
The CoonsEzmereldaAlba, MIAntrim
Alice's PurseEzmereldaAlden, MIAntrim
Make A Wish, BellaEzmereldaAlden, MIAntrim
The Sun Makes Edward SparkleEzmereldaAlden, MIAntrim
Ghost Town GraveyardHouse2oldAtwood, MIAntrim
Bundled Up for a Frosty Nature Walk (2)Angel WinksBellaire, MIAntrim
Snow BeltkoalacatBellaire, MIAntrim
Snowflake SymmetryAngel WinksBellaire, MIAntrim
SurprisedAngel WinksBellaire, MIAntrim
Fireworks FactoryEzmereldaCentral Lake, MIAntrim
~Wake Up~EzmereldaCuster, MIAntrim
Leaves Are Fastly FallingEzmereldaEastport, MIAntrim
Little BeauEzmereldaEastport, MIAntrim
"Happy Chicks" at Torch Lakedreamer1Elk Rapids, MIAntrim
Island HouseAngel WinksElk Rapids, MIAntrim
Little PeepDouble S RanchElk Rapids, MIAntrim
Corn MazeEzmereldaEllsworth, MIAntrim
Wed HereEzmereldaElmira, MIAntrim
Graves CrossingEzmereldaJordan Township, MIAntrim
Old State Road TunnelsEzmereldaJordan Township, MIAntrim
Bass FestEzmereldaMancelona, MIAntrim
Cedar River LetterboxThe NightwalkersMancelona, MIAntrim
Chick at the CrossingEzmereldaMancelona, MIAntrim
Mancelona IronmenEzmereldaMancelona, MIAntrim
Midnight Fey's ChallegeThe NightwalkersMancelona, MIAntrim
Super StarEzmereldaMancelona, MIAntrim
The Angel and The LionessEzmereldaMancelona, MIAntrim
The DogmankoalacatMancelona, MIAntrim
Tilted Tree LetterboxThe NightwalkersMancelona, MIAntrim
Wetzel Lake LetterboxThe NightwalkersMancelona/Alba, MIAntrim
Ants go marching....the 4 cootiesyuba, MIAntrim
The Case of the Missing SalmonSpringChick???, MIBenzie
The Queen's DragonsFishTracks???, MIBenzie
It's an uphill rollLindianajonesArcadia, MIBenzie
Gwen FrosticAngel WinksBenzonia, MIBenzie
Point Betsie Light StationSpringChickFrankfort, MIBenzie
SundownChucklefannyThompsonville, MIBenzie
Legend of the Giant ChippysilaspiralBeaver Island, MICharlevoix
Our perfect sunsetgardengirl77Boyne, MICharlevoix
For FritzBudandBooBoyne City, MICharlevoix
Where the dragonflies playpirating penguinsBoyne Falls, MICharlevoix
A Nuclear Plant Was HereEzmereldaCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
a short walkCinnamon RollersCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Deadly Little Viruses (3)Cinnamon RollersCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Donegal BaystanfamCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Feeding TimeEzmereldaCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Harvest TractorEzmereldaCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
I'm on a BoatkoalacatCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Lock and Key (2)Cinnamon RollersCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
McSauba #1PM2CBowenitesCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
McSauba #2PM2CBowenitesCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
McSauba #3PM2CBowenitesCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Mike's Tackle Box Fishermans Island State parkthe 4 cootiesCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Queen of the CourtCinnamon RollersCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Ralph the FishCinnamon RollersCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Run Charlevoix MarathonpjynxCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
The Charlevoix Hitch Hiker HostelAntique DiamondCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
The Mysterious Library LetterboxCinnamon RollersCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
Whiskey PointestanfamCharlevoix, MICharlevoix
WindcatcherMurray7Charlevoix, MICharlevoix
Undine Cemetery LetterboxJulie77Charlevoix-Horton Bay, MICharlevoix
Stick Bug At Elm PointeEzmereldaEast Jordan, MICharlevoix
Beaver IslandLizard ladySt. James, MICharlevoix
Beaver Island - Miller's MarshLizard ladySt. James, MICharlevoix
Beaver Island Head LighthouseLizard ladySt. James, MICharlevoix
Get your feet wet!BudandBooWalloon, MICharlevoix
First plant! Good for children.BudandBooWalloon Lake, MICharlevoix
Aloha SunsetAngel WinksAloha, MICheboygan
Shh-Boy-GunArtdogCheboygan, MICheboygan
Cross In The WoodsMoose and The ManIndian River, MICheboygan
Do The WaveTJ_MichIndian River, MICheboygan
Inland WaterwayFriendsWithNatureIndian River, MICheboygan
Nature's Wonders (2)FriendsWithNatureIndian River, MICheboygan
Summer CampoutFriendsWithNatureIndian River, MICheboygan
The Lone HikerFriendsWithNatureIndian River, MICheboygan
Iron MenMRSHATMackinaw City, MICheboygan
Mackinaw City LibraryAdoptableMackinaw City, MICheboygan
MI CA-T (My Cat)Munchkin StamperMackinaw City, MICheboygan
Salís BlueberriesTruck-a-saurusOnaway, MICheboygan
"Are We There Yet?"Got Sand!Grayling, MICrawford
Beal PlantationGill GumshoesGrayling, MICrawford
Enchanted MayflycodysixGrayling, MICrawford
Margrethe-ville ViewGot Sand!Grayling, MICrawford
Au Sable TroutUrban LetterboxerLovells, MICrawford
Blue Gill FishcodysixLovells, MICrawford
Hillside GardensPM2CBowenitesAlanson, MIEmmet
Cross VillageNorse GnomeCross Village, MIEmmet
Cartoon Characters (2)WindjammerMackinaw City, MIEmmet
Great Lakes Treasures Series #2 - Man on MountainMay AmeliaMackinaw City, MIEmmet
Headlands by WolfiewolfwolfiewolfMackinaw City, MIEmmet
Oden Fish HatcheryMoose and The ManOden, MIEmmet
Portage TrailFamilyMemoriesPetoskey, MIEmmet
The Tree of LifemysticsongbirdPetoskey, MIEmmet
Wolfiewolf-Round Lake Nature PreservewolfiewolfPetosky, MIEmmet
Wine Country I: Old MissionSpringChick???, MIGrand Traverse
InterlochenSpringChickInterlochen, MIGrand Traverse
Interlochen AirfieldSea UnicornInterlochen, MIGrand Traverse
Snuffy's Bike RampAdoptableOld Mission, MIGrand Traverse
A Hallows Eve Adventure The BarnsvelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Fishing Site BeachvelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
A Few of Our Favorite Things (4) (4)pjynxTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
A Hallows Eve Adventure Menís WalkvelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
A Hallows Eve Adventure The ChurchvelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
A Hallows Eve Adventure The Hidden BridgevelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
A Hallows Eve Adventure The Hippie TreevelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Archie ParkWebfootTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Bunnie buttthe 4 cootiestraverse city, MIGrand Traverse
Crystal Mountain Art ParkSea UnicornTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Fred's Rock HuntfjbaniTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Happily Ever After (2)the 4 cootiesTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Heart of the River (2)the 4 cootiesTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Hiking with Friendsthe 4 cootiesTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
I am NEVER going in the woods AGAIN!the 4 cootiestraverse city, MIGrand Traverse
Logbox 10, Hickory HillsBixsisTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Moomers (need we say more)Rit5Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Never Forget!EzmereldaTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Oleson Bridge TrailheadSea UnicornTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Quilt Barns of Old Mission Peninsula (13)Angel WinksTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
silent wings in the woodsthe 4 cootiestraverse city, MIGrand Traverse
Submarine Races Wayne HillTCLetterBoxingTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
The Eerie HandvelmouraTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
The Ghost at Bower's HarborSpringChickTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
The WegausSpringChickTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Willow Hill Elementary/Ashton Park Cub Scout PackCherry Lane 4Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse
wings in the woodsthe 4 cootiesTraverse City, MIGrand Traverse
Fun Dog Sun DogAdoptableTraverse City/Old Mission, MIGrand Traverse
Sand Lakes Quiet Area (2)EzmereldaWilliamsburg, MIGrand Traverse
Really Up NorthkoalacatCotton, MIKalkaska
Creatures of the Forest (2)EzmereldaKalkaska, MIKalkaska
Good Things Come in Sevens (7)Angel WinksKalkaska, MIKalkaska
Houses on Main Street (2)EzmereldaKalkaska, MIKalkaska
Edward Reads More Than MindsEzmereldaRapid City, MIKalkaska
The Shirt Off Jacob's BackEzmereldaRapid City, MIKalkaska
Practically Perfect Purple Plastic Purses (2)EzmereldaRapid River Township, MIKalkaska
Wine Country II: LeelanauSpringChick???, MILeelanau
Be Bear Aware! Don't Feed The Bear!Got Sand!Empire, MILeelanau
Deer HornsMama Bear & Gem BugGlen Arbor, MILeelanau
Dog DunesMama Bear & Gem BugGlen Haven, MILeelanau
Island HopperGood GuardianLeland, MILeelanau
Island Hopper 2VW Family!Leland, MILeelanau
WhalebackSpringChickLeland, MILeelanau
Cathead BaySpringChickNorthport, MILeelanau
Grand Traverse LighthouseSpringChickNorthport, MILeelanau
Rocco the RaccoonDawnkeyNorthport, MILeelanau
Over the river and through the woodsthe 4 cootiesTraverse City, MILeelanau
Rubber Duckies In The Baythe 4 cootiesTraverse City, MILeelanau
Dream Big - READlibrarygeek???, MIMontmorency
The Owl's NestPennyPenny???, MIMontmorency
One World, Many Stories!librarygeek???, ???, MIMontmorency
Dig Into Readinglibrarygeek????, MIMontmorency
Make a Splashlibrarygeek????, MIMontmorency
Kirtland's WarblerTrailTrollMio, MIOscoda
Aspen Park LetterboxNorse GnomeGaylord, MIOtsego
HeelsEzmereldaGaylord, MIOtsego
June AllysonEzmereldaGaylord, MIOtsego
New Presque Isle LighthouseTroutstamp4500 East Grand Lake Road, Presque Isle, MIPresque Isle
S is for SchalkSteppin'LeftBelknap Township, MIPresque Isle
Sturgeon DungeonTruck-a-saurusOnaway, MIPresque Isle
The Art of Moran IronTruck-a-saurusOnaway, MIPresque Isle
The Beast in the Cedar WoodsTroutstampPesque Isle, MIPresque Isle
Presque Isle State HarborTroutstampPresque Isle, MIPresque Isle
Here Lake Huron Fishy Fishypumpkin-doodleRogers City, MIPresque Isle
Joseph S. Fay Shipwreck - 40 Mile Pt.North Country FamilyRogers City, MIPresque Isle