Lower Peninsula - East Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Chinook SalmonTrailTrollAu Gres, MIArenac
R.R.#2 -- Bay - HamptonkoalacatBay City, MIBay
R.R.#3 -- Frank AndersenkoalacatBay City, MIBay
The WeldercodysixBay City, MIBay
I-75 Rest Area Series #2 (Bay City)Eric & DonnaBay City (Mile Marker 158), MIBay
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)koalacat???, MIGenesee
Alvin & The Chipmunksmoms_playClio, MIGenesee
PeppermintcodysixClio, MIGenesee
Mahna Mahna and the SnowthskoalacatDavison, MIGenesee
Miss CalleighStormeDavison, MIGenesee
SpotStormeDavison, MIGenesee
Twister of 2007The 5MsFenton, MIGenesee
Angel Eeyoremoms_playFlint, MIGenesee
Flint's FounderkoalacatFlint, MIGenesee
Flounder Rebornmoms_playFlint, MIGenesee
Mott Community CollegekoalacatFlint, MIGenesee
Noah's Arkmoms_playFlint, MIGenesee
Pigletmoms_playFlint, MIGenesee
Pooh Bearmoms_playFlint, MIGenesee
The Treachery of Images ReduxkoalacatFlint, MIGenesee
Tiggermoms_playFlint, MIGenesee
Yogi and Boo Boo 2moms_playFlint, MIGenesee
Roto-SphereEzmereldaFlushing, MIGenesee
Callalily and AmosTisket-TasketGaines, MIGenesee
Timon and Pumbaa's Mighty Jungle AdventureTimon and PumbaGenesee, MIGenesee
Masked BanditPeanut & PenguiyGrand Blanc, MIGenesee
The Coon of Lake FentonEzmereldaLake Fenton, MIGenesee
Bad Axe Public Libraryjfk sisterBad Axe, MIHuron
Cheeseburger at Key NorthThe Aldrich ArmyCaseville, MIHuron
My Favorite Booksjfk sisterHarbor Beach, MIHuron
North Park Campgroundjfk sisterHarbor Beach, MIHuron
The R J Ruby LetterboxYooperGoldFishHarbor Beach, MIHuron
A Spring Blossom- Sister 1jfk sisterPort Austin, MIHuron
Checking it out in P.A.jfk sisterPort Austin, MIHuron
Farmers' Marketjfk sisterPort Austin, MIHuron
Flat Wesley in Port Hope (2)jfk sisterPort Hope, MIHuron
Little Peanut & PenguiyPeanut & PenguiyPort Hope, MIHuron
Second home :)Slovak travelerPort Hope, MIHuron
W.R. Stafford House- and homejfk sisterPort Hope, MIHuron
"A Rotten Place To Live" Lumberman's TrigearljamOscoda, MIIosco
Babe the BLUE OX2 Small GardnersOscoda, MIIosco
Canoeing the Au SableTrailTrollOscoda, MIIosco
Paul Bunyan2 Small GardnersOscoda, MIIosco
Sock Monkey at Iargo SpringscodysixOscoda Township, MIIosco
T is for TawasSteppin'LeftTawas, MIIosco
Letterboxer BadgeTroop70835Almont, MILapeer
flying in the breezeJack RabbitAttica, MILapeer
Michigan State FruitUrban LetterboxerFive Lakes Rest Area on I-69 E, MILapeer
Where the Dragonflys PlayRouxLapeer, MILapeer
West Branch LetterboxBooks & TravelingWest Branch, MIOgemaw
Dorymoms_playBirch Run, MISaginaw
Bad RiverEzmereldaBrant, MISaginaw
Clifford's CornerGrimm's AdventureFrankenmuth, MISaginaw
Mad Hattermoms_playFrankenmuth, MISaginaw
Butman-Fish LibraryRosebud5Saginaw, MISaginaw
Deadliest Catch - Time BanditHuygensSaginaw, MISaginaw
Destination Truth - Altamaha-HaHuygensSaginaw, MISaginaw
Finding Bigfoot (4)HuygensSaginaw, MISaginaw
Poetic ReposekoalacatSaginaw, MISaginaw
Saginaw Bean BunnycodysixSaginaw, MISaginaw
The Challengertreasure rangerssaginaw, MISaginaw
Christopher ColumbuscodysixSaginaw Township, MISaginaw
Chuck NorriscodysixSaginaw Township, MISaginaw
The Tittabawassee River MutantcodysixSaginaw Township, MISaginaw
"The Forks"EzmereldaSt. Charles, MISaginaw
Coal MineEzmereldaSt. Charles, MISaginaw
LoggingEzmereldaSt. Charles, MISaginaw
SVSU CardinalcodysixUniversity Center, MISaginaw
BridgeviewjeanieoZilwaukee, MISaginaw
IMAGINATIONBathersonForester, MISanilac
How 'bout them ApplesTeam MacMelvin, MISanilac
Freaker's CapkoalacatBancroft, MIShiawassee
Let go'my Gecko!Pelican PalByron, MIShiawassee
Noble Woman1cent stamperByron, MIShiawassee
Noble Woman1cent stamperByron, MIShiawassee
Noble Woman1cent stamperByron, MIShiawassee
Straight-Ahead RiverTisket-TasketByron, MIShiawassee
The Truss Bridges of Shiawassee County #1koalacatCorunna, MIShiawassee
The Truss Bridges of Shiawassee County #2koalacatHenderson, MIShiawassee
Giardia lambliaPrince IgorOwosso, MIShiawassee
Fairies and Jewels (3)Cranberry LakeAlgonac, MISt. Clair
Go Muskrats!shoozAlgonac, MISt. Clair
Walley World.... in Brockway, MI?!Team MacBrockway, MISt. Clair
Old Club FreighterJack CraftClay, MISt. Clair
The Fifth Voyage of ColumbusTeam RabbitColumbus, MISt. Clair
East China Knight's TreasurebradfamEast China Township, MISt. Clair
Gus' Big AdventurestampstalkerFort Gratiot, MISt. Clair
Bikini Bottom at Lakeport State ParkMayer4Lakeport, MISt. Clair
Bahh!Team Macnear Yale, MISt. Clair
I-94 Traffic Crawl: Port Huron Traffic JamTrailTrollPort Huron, MISt. Clair
The Guardians of the ForestMSU-Ext. ExplorersPort Huron, MISt. Clair
Saint Clair Township ParkScaymanSaint Clair, MISt. Clair
Gordon's giftTeam MacYale, MISt. Clair
Greasy Franks Ghost & The Red Dog CafeTeam MacYale, MISt. Clair
Home of the Bologna FestivalTeam MacYale, MISt. Clair
Levi MorrillTeam MacYale, MISt. Clair
YUMPrayer BoxYUM YUMYale, MISt. Clair
Please Have a SeatBNL BaliGrl???, MITuscola
Medicine Woman (4)codysixCaro, MITuscola
Millington Hills LetterboxkoalacatMillington, MITuscola