Lower Peninsula - Central Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Green Dog Pathway Jax is a Dog Scout! Farwell/Lake, MI Clare?
Freeman Grass Stones PepperPoppers Bunch Lake, MI Clare?
Remembering Bath koalacat Bath, MI Clinton?
The Path of Brownie Troop 203 (3) Brownie Mom Bath, MI Clinton?
The "Puppy Box" F.o.R.D.Family DeWitt, MI Clinton?
Caged! (5) JustHappy2Cya Ionia, MI Ionia?
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies SpringChick Ionia, MI Ionia?
Dragons Live Forever (2) JustHappy2Cya Ionia, MI Ionia?
Fairies Of the Forest Letterboxes (9) Familyof6 Ionia, MI Ionia?
Forest Fairyland JustHappy2Cya Ionia, MI Ionia?
Gnome Place Like Home Wild Dreams Ionia, MI Ionia?
Madz Zen Tangle JustHappy2Cya Ionia, MI Ionia?
Moon Fairy JustHappy2Cya Ionia, MI Ionia?
Show Me The Way BootyBandits Ionia, MI Ionia?
The Gatekeeper Familyof6 Ionia, MI Ionia?
The Protector of the Park Guys and Dolls Ionia, MI Ionia?
Back to School House Rock The River Rats Portland, MI Ionia?
In Memory of Margaret and Allyn Jay JustHappy2Cya Portland, MI Ionia?
Meshimeneconing's Chief (2) Familyof6 Portland, MI Ionia?
The Lord's Finger Familyof6 Portland, MI Ionia?
Have a Ball Guys and Dolls Saranac, MI Ionia?
Have a Scoop Guys and Dolls Saranac, MI Ionia?
Have a Sip Guys and Dolls Saranac, MI Ionia?
Have a Swim Guys and Dolls Saranac, MI Ionia?
Have a Treat Guys and Dolls Saranac, MI Ionia?
There's Something In The Woods (16) Familyof6 Saranac, MI Ionia?
Fashion Go Round (2) JustHappy2Cya Sebewa, MI Ionia?
"The Recollector" Sebewa Sunfield, MI Ionia?
Family Coat of Arms JustHappy2Cya Sunfield, MI Ionia?
Doggie Grandma's House 2.0 Jax is a Dog Scout! Clare / Loomis, MI Isabella?
Red Squirrel Run Irish Rover Farwell, Mi, MI Isabella?
Irish Knot in the Cemetery Mamanator Gilmore Township, MI Isabella?
Chippewas codysix Mount Pleasant, MI Isabella?
Maya's Lucky Day Team Papaya Mt. Pleasant, MI Isabella?
2010 Shepherd Wolf Cubs Shepherd Wolf Cubs Shepherd, MI Isabella?
sesquicentennial Adoptable shepherd, MI Isabella?
Spontaneous Angel Winks Big Rapids, MI Mecosta?
The Dam Box Adoptable Big Rapids, MI Mecosta?
Smile in Paris Angel Winks Paris, MI Mecosta?
Budda Frog's #1 Budda Frog's Friends Midland, MI Midland?
Duck Hunters Memorial Mackinaw Midland, MI Midland?
Going Loony MI Mavens Midland, MI Midland?
Scouter's Delight 2ScoutsFam Midland, MI Midland.5 mi
The Happy Snowman Adoptable Midland, MI Midland?
The Sound of Music Adoptable Midland, MI Midland?
P is for Pike Steppin'Left Lakeview, MI Montcalm?
Only You.... part 2 BNL BaliGrl ???, MI Osceola?
Cheerful Chicory BNL BaliGrl Evart, MI Osceola?
L is for Long Steppin'Left Harrietta, MI Osceola?
GS4480 GS4480 Reed City, MI Osceola?
Little Mac Thumb's Up! Reed City, MI Osceola?
Shroomin froggyandtoady Tustin, MI Osceola?
Keep our Air Clean DogIsMyCoPirate Prudenville, MI Roscommon?
Curwood Lodge Prince Igor Roscommon, MI Roscommon?
I'm Game! MI Mavens Roscommon, MI Roscommon?
Puppy Place MI Mavens Roscommon, MI Roscommon?
Curves In Nature DogIsMyCoPirate St. Helen, MI Roscommon?
Preserve our Wilderness DogIsMyCoPirate St. Helen, MI Roscommon?
NEUTERED Dogs are Good Dogs DogIsMyCoPirate Town of Houghton Lake, MI Roscommon?