Lower Peninsula - Central Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Green Dog PathwayJax is a Dog Scout!Farwell/Lake, MIClare
Freeman Grass StonesPepperPoppers BunchLake, MIClare
Remembering BathkoalacatBath, MIClinton
The Path of Brownie Troop 203 (3)Brownie MomBath, MIClinton
Ichabod's NightmareThe 5MsBetween Ovid and Laingsburg, MIClinton
The "Puppy Box"F.o.R.D.FamilyDeWitt, MIClinton
Chest of the KeyIn Nomine Patris Et Filii???, MIGratiot
Jailhouse Trail Series (3)In Nomine Patris Et FiliiIthaca, MIGratiot
The Silver SkullIn Nomine Patris Et FiliiIthaca, MIGratiot
Skeleton KeyIn Nomine Patris Et FiliiNorth Star, MIGratiot
The Legend of "White Swan"Maple Hill BilliesGreenville, MIIonia
Caged! (5)JustHappy2CyaIonia, MIIonia
Dragons Live Forever (2)JustHappy2CyaIonia, MIIonia
Fairies Of the Forest Letterboxes (9)Familyof6Ionia, MIIonia
Forest FairylandJustHappy2CyaIonia, MIIonia
Gnome Place Like HomeWild DreamsIonia, MIIonia
Madz Zen TangleJustHappy2CyaIonia, MIIonia
Moon FairyJustHappy2CyaIonia, MIIonia
Show Me The WayBootyBanditsIonia, MIIonia
Shy FairyJustHappy2CyaIonia, MIIonia
The GatekeeperFamilyof6Ionia, MIIonia
The Protector of the ParkGuys and DollsIonia, MIIonia
M-166's Scenic TurnoutFamilyof6Lyons, MIIonia
Back to School House RockThe River RatsPortland, MIIonia
Brigand's Folie: (4)JustHappy2CyaPortland, MIIonia
In Memory of Margaret and Allyn JayJustHappy2CyaPortland, MIIonia
Iron TrussesFamilyof6Portland, MIIonia
KnotboxmelvernPortland, MIIonia
Meshimeneconing's Chief (2)Familyof6Portland, MIIonia
Singing FrogsFamilyof6Portland, MIIonia
The Lord's FingerFamilyof6Portland, MIIonia
Have a BallGuys and DollsSaranac, MIIonia
Have a ScoopGuys and DollsSaranac, MIIonia
Have a SipGuys and DollsSaranac, MIIonia
Have a SwimGuys and DollsSaranac, MIIonia
Have a TreatGuys and DollsSaranac, MIIonia
The Original Bucket SeatFish's Card RoomSaranac, MIIonia
There's Something In The Woods (16)Familyof6Saranac, MIIonia
Three Blind Mice (3)JustHappy2CyaSaranac, MIIonia
Fashion Go Round (2)JustHappy2CyaSebewa, MIIonia
"The Recollector"SebewaSunfield, MIIonia
Family Coat of ArmsJustHappy2CyaSunfield, MIIonia
Doggie Grandma's House 2.0Jax is a Dog Scout!Clare / Loomis, MIIsabella
Red Squirrel RunIrish RoverFarwell, Mi, MIIsabella
Irish Knot in the CemeteryMamanatorGilmore Township, MIIsabella
ChippewascodysixMount Pleasant, MIIsabella
Footsteps of HerosFlutter-FiveMt. Pleasant, MIIsabella
Maya's Lucky DayTeam PapayaMt. Pleasant, MIIsabella
Mission CreekFlutter-FiveMt. Pleasant, MIIsabella
2010 Shepherd Wolf CubsShepherd Wolf CubsShepherd, MIIsabella
sesquicentennialgenerationsshepherd, MIIsabella
The BluejaygenerationsShepherd, MIIsabella
SpontaneousAngel WinksBig Rapids, MIMecosta
The Dam BoxAdoptableBig Rapids, MIMecosta
Smile in ParisAngel WinksParis, MIMecosta
Budda Frog's #1Budda Frog's FriendsMidland, MIMidland
Duck Hunters MemorialMackinawMidland, MIMidland
Going LoonyMI MavensMidland, MIMidland
The Happy SnowmanBooks & TravelingMidland, MIMidland
The Sound of MusicBooks & TravelingMidland, MIMidland
P is for PikeSteppin'LeftLakeview, MIMontcalm
Only You.... part 2BNL BaliGrl???, MIOsceola
Cheerful ChicoryBNL BaliGrlEvart, MIOsceola
L is for LongSteppin'LeftHarrietta, MIOsceola
Little MacThumb's Up!Reed City, MIOsceola
The Old Rugged CrossThumb's Up!Reed City, MIOsceola
ShroominfroggyandtoadyTustin, MIOsceola
Keep our Air CleanDogIsMyCoPiratePrudenville, MIRoscommon
Curwood LodgePrince IgorRoscommon, MIRoscommon
I'm Game!MI MavensRoscommon, MIRoscommon
Puppy PlaceMI MavensRoscommon, MIRoscommon
Curves In NatureDogIsMyCoPirateSt. Helen, MIRoscommon
Preserve our WildernessDogIsMyCoPirateSt. Helen, MIRoscommon
Beach FunDa ResqTown of Houghton Lake, MIRoscommon
NEUTERED Dogs are Good DogsDogIsMyCoPirateTown of Houghton Lake, MIRoscommon
Oh Sail Away!Da ResqTown of Houghton Lake, MIRoscommon