Illinois Mystery Letterboxes

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(39 listings)

Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
Accident ReportHart x6???, ILMystery
Apple a Day - The Trunk (3)Socrates???, ILMystery
Barbie Travelling LetterboxMohmers???, ILMystery
Camp River Trails (25)FungusWoman???, ILMystery
Challenge O' the Sprite: Monsters of the Midway *pBikercats???, ILMystery
Cristóbal ColónHart x6???, ILMystery
Dick Tracy by Investigator Francis BaconInvestigator Bacon???, ILMystery
Eastern Tiger SwallowtailNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
Fearless FosdickInvestigator Bacon???, ILMystery
Happy 10th AnniversaryHart x6???, ILMystery
Harts at HomeHart x6???, ILMystery
Idle HoursNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
Letterbox RabbitNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
Little Red Riding Hood MysteryLeapin' Lizards???, ILMystery
Lost Lullaby LeaguerPitties???, ILMystery
Made In My State: John Deere TractorsThe Cottontails???, ILMystery
Made In My State: John Deere CombinesThe Cottontails???, ILMystery
Michael Myers is Back in Illinois!shorty???, ILMystery
Nuts2UFungusWoman???, ILMystery
Pretzel CityHart x6???, ILMystery
RailsplitterLeapin' Lizards???, ILMystery
River TrailsFungusWoman???, ILMystery
Saved by Music #2Leapin' Lizards???, ILMystery
Search for the Key: Frank and Tommy (2)shorty???, ILMystery
Sgt. SnuffyTrail Rider???, ILMystery
Shorty was here! -Illinoisshorty???, ILMystery
Silly Letterbox SquirrelNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
The Flintstones: Great GazooHart x6???, ILMystery
The Witches Circleshorty???, ILMystery
The Wizard of Oz (52)Hart x6???, ILMystery
Train Cars - Metra Rail Letterbox Crawl SeriesBeetle???, ILMystery
TwigaJoyful Explorer???, ILMystery
Two Symbols by Atomic BeansAtom 118 - Atomic Beans???, ILMystery
Visions of the PastShutterfly???, ILMystery
WG16shorty???, ILMystery
WG61shorty???, ILMystery
WG62shorty???, ILMystery
Flying Away HHWaltzing Pigs???, ???, ILMystery
Eads Bridgemr. jakeEast St. Louis, ILMystery