Illinois Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Accident ReportHart x6???, ILMystery
Apple a Day - The Trunk (3)Socrates???, ILMystery
Barbie Travelling LetterboxMohmers???, ILMystery
Camp River Trails (25)FungusWoman???, ILMystery
Challenge O' the Sprite: Monsters of the Midway *pBikercats???, ILMystery
Cristóbal ColónHart x6???, ILMystery
Dick Tracy by Investigator Francis BaconInvestigator Bacon???, ILMystery
Eastern Tiger SwallowtailNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
Fearless FosdickInvestigator Bacon???, ILMystery
Happy 10th AnniversaryHart x6???, ILMystery
Harts at HomeHart x6???, ILMystery
Idle HoursNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
Letterbox RabbitNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
Little Red Riding Hood MysteryLeapin' Lizards???, ILMystery
Lost Lullaby LeaguerPitties???, ILMystery
Made In My State: John Deere CombinesThe Cottontails???, ILMystery
Made In My State: John Deere TractorsThe Cottontails???, ILMystery
Michael Myers is Back in Illinois!shorty???, ILMystery
Nuts2UFungusWoman???, ILMystery
Pretzel CityHart x6???, ILMystery
RailsplitterLeapin' Lizards???, ILMystery
River TrailsFungusWoman???, ILMystery
Saved by Music #2Leapin' Lizards???, ILMystery
Search for the Key: Frank and Tommy (2)shorty???, ILMystery
Sgt. SnuffyTrail Rider???, ILMystery
Shorty was here! -Illinoisshorty???, ILMystery
Silly Letterbox SquirrelNitrocat & Kittens???, ILMystery
The Flintstones: Great GazooHart x6???, ILMystery
The Witches Circleshorty???, ILMystery
The Wizard of Oz (52)Hart x6???, ILMystery
TwigaJoyful Explorer???, ILMystery
Visions of the PastShutterfly???, ILMystery
WG16shorty???, ILMystery
WG61shorty???, ILMystery
WG62shorty???, ILMystery
Flying Away HHWaltzing Pigs???, ???, ILMystery