Gold Country/High Sierras Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Enzi the BearJackalopeBear Valley, CAAlpine
Snowshoe ThompsonartTrekkerKirkwood, CAAlpine
Before and After (4)MimulusMarkleeville, CAAlpine
Canyon CanoersartTrekkerMarkleeville, CAAlpine
Fiddle Footed in CAA-Bear (&J-Bear)Markleeville, CAAlpine
Grover Hot SpringsartTrekkerMarkleeville, CAAlpine
Kirkland FrogsKirklandMarkleeville, CAAlpine
KitPenGwenMarkleeville, CAAlpine
One Planted in ReturnCadenzaMarkleeville, CAAlpine
River Ho!CadenzaMarkleeville, CAAlpine
The East Fork of the CarsonPenGwenMarkleeville, CAAlpine
Trees EverywhereA-Bear (&J-Bear)Markleeville, CAAlpine
Indiana Jones and the Quest For Montezuma's Mask (11)Captain Slick KittySorensen, CAAlpine
Pony Express Postmark (newly replanted!)artTrekkerSorensen's Resort, CAAlpine
Fishing the West Fork (3)artTrekkerSorensens, CAAlpine
Woodfords Pony ExpressartTrekkerWoodfords, CAAlpine
Grinding RockFunhogJackson, CAAmador
YikesPenGwenKit Carson, CAAmador
Frogs at PlayDa Kool KatsAngels Camp, CACalaveras
Gold FevermtnbikemannsMurphys, CACalaveras
"I Love Girl Scouts" by Golden DragonGirl Scouts Troop 992San Andreas, CACalaveras
Fashionista 1Girl Scouts Troop 992San Andreas, CACalaveras
Girl Scouts' "M"Girl Scouts Troop 992San Andreas, CACalaveras
Hunt Girl 1Girl Scouts Troop 992San Andreas, CACalaveras
Mountain Lion BonesRaven&InkSan Andreas, CACalaveras
Roses & Hearts 1Girl Scouts Troop 992San Andreas, CACalaveras
Tweet, TweetRaven&InkSan Andreas, CACalaveras
The Gold BugNature Hikers???, CAEl Dorado
Owl Be Your Friend - Girl Scout Troop 1234Flower of WarCameron Park, CAEl Dorado
Apple Hill LetterboxNancyAnne & DougCamino, CAEl Dorado
LandisAzroadieCamino, CAEl Dorado
241 Girl Scout FuncaroadieColoma, CAEl Dorado
Murray DogAzroadieColoma, CAEl Dorado
Cool Dude (CA)The Gillespie TribeCool, CAEl Dorado
Year of the DogDoublesaj & Old BlueEl Dorado Hills, CAEl Dorado
TotemartTrekkerKyburz, CAEl Dorado
The Little Prince (2)sun7flourLoon Lake, CAEl Dorado
Lake Aloha LetterboxDoublesaj & Old BlueMeyers, CAEl Dorado
Old Highway 89AzroadieMeyers, CAEl Dorado
The Rivals (2)artTrekkerMeyers/South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #4Da Kool KatsPlacerville, CAEl Dorado
Sierra DogAzroadiePlacerville, CAEl Dorado
The Eyes Of TXSilver EaglePlacerville, CAEl Dorado
The Path of FriendshipBest Friends 4-EverPlacerville, CAEl Dorado
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #1Da Kool KatsPollock Pines, CAEl Dorado
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #2 --RETIRDa Kool KatsPollock Pines, CAEl Dorado
KaiaAzroadiePollock Pines, CAEl Dorado
The Lincoln Highway McMarkerZippy TurtleShingle Springs, CAEl Dorado
A Day At Valhalla (3)artTrekkerSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Angora Fire 2007 (4)BlackmagicSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
better togethersun7flourSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Camp RichardsonFredSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Castle in the Pines (2)artTrekkerSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Desolation WildernessFredSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Eagle LakeCavalier ManorSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Echo LakeFredSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Emerald BayCavalier ManorSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Fallen Leaf Lake (clue revision 10-13)artTrekkerSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Glen Alpine SpringsartTrekkerSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Got Deet ? (5)PenGwenSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Mount Tallac (2)ToucanSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Ski HeavenlyBaby BearSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Ski TahoeBaby BearSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Tahoe TemptationsCadenzaSouth Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #3Da Kool KatsStrawberry, CAEl Dorado
Great Big RockWascally Wabbit???, CAMariposa
Village in the ValleyWascally Wabbit???, CAMariposa
Bear AwareApurpleangelYosemite, CAMariposa
Yosemite Park WebboxAzroadieYosemite Valley, CAMariposa
Mirror-New for 09YosemiteGraniteYosemite Village, CAMariposa
After the StormPenGwenBridgeport, CAMono
Barney is not a purple dinasourheunique1Bridgeport, CAMono
Dawgs workin at DogtownPenGwenBridgeport, CAMono
Flag Hike at Twin LakesPenGwenBridgeport, CAMono
Horsetail FallsPenGwenBridgeport, CAMono
Just FishinPenGwenBridgeport, CAMono
Where the Blacktop EndsMusicmannsBridgeport, CAMono
Noxious New Zealand SnailPenGwenJune Lake, CAMono
Obsidian Dome8 Bare FeetJune Lake, CAMono
Turning Twelve8 Bare FeetJune Lake, CAMono
A Miner Rip on 395PenGwenLee Vining, CAMono
Mono Moments (Still Cruisin')desertgypsyLee Vining, CAMono
Nathan and the NanataksPenGwenLee Vining, CAMono
YosemitePenGwenLee Vining, CAMono
Baby MammothVIENNAMammoth Lakes, CAMono
Deputy PandaVIENNAMammoth Lakes, CAMono
Hwy 395 Enigmas, Opposites, and Illusions (7)PenGwenMammoth Lakes, CAMono
Starr VistaS.K.P.S.Mammoth Lakes, CAMono
The Devil Drives a BusPam and ScottMammoth Lakes, CAMono
Picnic/Pirate IslandPenGwenSilver Lake, CAMono
Walker, Californiabirdie65Walker, CAMono
Crossroads Hike Letterbox #1onceuponatimeDonner, CANevada
Absaroke Baxbe: Crow SpiritFondu Cru 2Grass Valley, CANevada
Biblical GardensonceuponatimeGrass Valley, CANevada
Empire MineFunhogGrass Valley, CANevada
Sweet Teresey's LetterboxonceuponatimeGrass Valley, CANevada
The Del OroFondu Cru 2Grass Valley, CANevada
Emerald PoolsHeron-A-FootNevada City, CANevada
Independence TrailFoothill ForesterNevada City, CANevada
Lone GraveLetterboxspectorNevada City, CANevada
near the perfect wedding spotdragonfly154Nevada City, CANevada
Rock Creek Nature TrailGiannoaNevada City, CANevada
Squirrel's NestThe Four ElementsNevada City, CANevada
The Tasty PastyFive Little MonkeysNevada City, CANevada
Yarrow's MeadowThe Four ElementsNeveda City, CANevada
First Cabinfirst cabinSoda Springs, CANevada
Bear CubA-Bear (&J-Bear)Truckee, CANevada
Girl Scout Troop 1631GS Troop 1631Truckee, CANevada
Autumn in RosevilleDoublesaj & Old Blue???, CAPlacer
Avery's PondFunhogAuburn, CAPlacer
Goggles of FunVeggie VanAuburn, CAPlacer
Happy Birthday 22!onceuponatimeAuburn, CAPlacer
Hidden at Hidden Falls #3,4 (2)skyAuburn, CAPlacer
Once Upon A Time In Birthday LandonceuponatimeAuburn, CAPlacer
Watching the River RunonceuponatimeAuburn, CAPlacer
Western States 100bonedocAuburn, CAPlacer
Cape Horn PromontoryIn Cahoots GangColfax, CAPlacer
The Witch's RxCaptain Slick KittyColfax, CAPlacer
Yankee Jim's Crossing, 1930Foothill ForesterColfax, CAPlacer
The TwinsDoublesaj & Old BlueColoma, CAPlacer
I-80 Series Box #3 Rainbow BridgeDoublesaj & Old BlueDonner, CAPlacer
San Francisco Letter ExpresspawcaGold Run, CAPlacer
12 Bridges BoxLauffer GirlsLincoln, CAPlacer
CNPS California PoppyIn Cahoots GangLoomis, CAPlacer
Traylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary and Nature PreserveskyLoomis, CAPlacer
HZKHZKOlympic Valley, CAPlacer
Squaw Valley ChapelpeasepodOlympic Valley, CAPlacer
St. Mary's chuchDuchess&the_PirahnaRocklin, CAPlacer
J&Lboxers hunt #1J&LboxersRoseville, CAPlacer
Maidu KittyliciousPezManRoseville, CAPlacer
Woodcreek Nature Preserve Series (3)TheFantastic4Roseville, CAPlacer
Lola's LookoutLindaSoda Spriings, CAPlacer
Area 51 BoxLindaSoda Springs, CAPlacer
Donner Summit PineconeLindaSoda Springs, CAPlacer
Land Ahoy!LindaSoda Springs, CAPlacer
Not Mariah CareyLindaSoda Springs, CAPlacer
View of Crow's NestLindaSoda Springs, CAPlacer
Squaw Valley to Sugar Bowl Series (3)Doublesaj & Old BlueSquaw Valley, CAPlacer
Friends of Five Lakes (3)BlackvelvetravTahoe City, CAPlacer
I-80 Series: Box #2 Emigrant GapDoublesaj & Old BlueTruckee, CAPlacer
Ski NorthStarBaby BearTruckee, CAPlacer
Modern GoldFoothill ForesterWeimar, CAPlacer
Bank Robbery?Foothill ForesterDownieville, CASierra
Sardine Lake / Sand Pond Interpretive Trailwaters_familySierra City, CASierra
Sardine Lake CampgroundGiannoaSierra City, CASierra
Jumble Game 7Silver EagleBuck Meadows, CATuolumne
Krazy Kreature #14 - Columbia8 Bare FeetColumbia, CATuolumne
The Henselyn Family LetterboxSmokeeColumbia, Ca, CATuolumne
Camp Peaceful Pines8 Bare FeetDardanelle, CATuolumne
Hot Pot8 Bare FeetDardanelle, CATuolumne
PywiackHeatherLee Vining, CATuolumne
The Big CatchHeatherLee Vining, CATuolumne
Day at the LakeYosemiteGranitePinecrest, CATuolumne
Rainbow over Pincrest3geoscoutsPinecrest, CATuolumne
Under the Oak TreeMama and the ChicksSan Jose Family Camp, CATuolumne
Keep The Doctor AwayMountain MartySonora, CATuolumne
School DaysYosemiteGraniteSonora, CATuolumne
Forest Thru The TreesMountain MartySonora/Twain Harte, CATuolumne
Donkey on Jackass HillDa Kool KatsTuttletown, CATuolumne
Bok Kai IIJiggsMarysville, CAYuba
Yuba Historic Boxes (2)Doublesaj & Old BlueMarysville, CAYuba
Camp Far WestMr. Lego ManWheatland, CAYuba
Land of Wheat (3)agogugigWheatland, CAYuba