Colorado High Country Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Al-li-ga-torzKristal & RonMosca, COAlamosa
Great Sand Dunes Park WebboxAzroadieMosca, COAlamosa
Dapper DanTai Chi and Chai TeaBuena Vista, COChaffee
Princeton TigerSilver EagleBuena Vista, COChaffee
Rafting TeddysCW Sun SeekerBuena Vista, COChaffee
High Country WildlifeCW Sun SeekerGranite, COChaffee
Agnes Vaille Falls "Trout"boopy and boyNathrop, COChaffee
Lucky Lady4 Candy Corne'sSalida, COChaffee
The SimplenedheadSalida, COChaffee
Ghost #3: St ElmoJeLyBeanSt Elmo, COChaffee
Bishop's DragonViewfinderRye, COCuster
Mt Vernon's Back YardTai Chi and Chai TeaWestcliffe, COCuster
The Amish BuggyTai Chi and Chai TeaWestcliffe, COCuster
Looking Out for the StampedeGrandma FloridaAvon, COEagle
Love In the MountainsBates Family FourAvon, COEagle
Cemetery Bug # 8GS Troop 51201Eagle, COEagle
Doggie Fun TimeGS Troop 51201Eagle, COEagle
Sowing Seeds at Brush Creek ElemSowing SeedsEagle, COEagle
Sowing Seeds at Eagle RanchSowing Seedseagle, COEagle
Sowing Seeds at The Community GsrdenSowing SeedsEagle, COEagle
The Main LineartTrekkerEagle, COEagle
Ski Beaver CreekBaby BearVail, COEagle
Cabin on ShelfMudstumpersCanon City, COFremont
Red Canyon ParkMudstumpersCanon City, COFremont
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyTai Chi and Chai TeaCanon City, COFremont
A Gift From OregonCalli-KCoaldale, COFremont
Phantom CanyonMudstumpersVictor, COFremont
Wheel of the Year - YuleAutumn's FollyBerthoud Falls, COGrand
Happy DanceLock WenchFraser, COGrand
A Grand ViewNear PerfectGranby, COGrand
Are You Tough Enough??4eyesmcgeeGranby, COGrand
metamorphosis (2)AljanGranby, COGrand
Rafter LaughterpreboxedGranby, COGrand
The Strangest Bird (2)AljanGranby, COGrand
Windy Gap WoodpeckerSilver EagleGrandby, COGrand
Hangman Game 71Silver EagleHot Sulphur Springs, COGrand
Face the SunBoxer LoverTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
Grand BeginningspreboxedTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
Grand LakeSilver EagleTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
Grand RamFront Range HikerTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
Mommy DearestAljanTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
Quoth the Raven OverhereAljanTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
The Commissioner ShootingsAljanTown of Grand Lake, COGrand
Bighorn at Berthoud PassViewfinderWinter Park, COGrand
Chipie on HughesSchpug FamilyWinter Park, COGrand
WEL #10 - Roaring Judy - Kokanee SalmonMandy "Cameo"Almont, COGunnison
Crested FlakeBaby BearCrested Butte, COGunnison
IRWIN'S R.I.P.pawpawCrested Butte, COGunnison
Mother Of Family TherapySilver EagleCrested Butte, COGunnison
WEL #11 - Crested ButteMandy "Cameo"Crested Butte, COGunnison
Doc ShoresSilver EagleGunnison, COGunnison
Hartman Rocksclue finders 5Gunnison, COGunnison
WEL #7 - The Bear of Gunnison CanyonMandy "Cameo"Gunnison, COGunnison
WEL #8 - Hermit's Rest at CurecantiMandy "Cameo"Gunnison, COGunnison
WEL #9 - Poinsonwood Bible at Pioneer PointMandy "Cameo"Gunnison, COGunnison
Lost Train Ridemysterious jediGunnison/Pitkin, COGunnison
LunchBatty GirlGould, COJackson
Majestic Moose!The Oncoming StormGould, COJackson
Dino Days - Hazards on the TrailFront Range HikerMorrison, COJackson
Baby DoeCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
Batty for LeadvilleBatty GirlLeadville, COLake
Leadville 100Silver EagleLeadville, COLake
Molly BrownCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
Mountain TroutM&MzLeadville, COLake
Outlaws of the Wild West: Doc HolidayCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
Rocky Mountain HighSilver EagleLeadville, COLake
Silver Dollar TaborCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
The Cloud CityCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
The Golden BurroCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
Top of ColoradoBaby BearLeadville, COLake
Turquoise Two TreesSalrah of the NorthLeadville, COLake
Wild West Outlaws: Jesse JamesCW Sun SeekerLeadville, COLake
Vestiges of the Old West: SilverheelsboxtopsAlma, COPark
Great out DoorsDanBailey, COPark
Magic MaggieAdoptableBailey, COPark
The Dragon's LairAutumn's FollyBailey, COPark
Vestiges of the Old West: Como RoundhouseboxtopsComo, COPark
B.Y.D. # 13: The Great WallTai Chi and Chai TeaFairplay, COPark
B.Y.D. # 15: The Space NeedleTai Chi and Chai TeaFairplay, COPark
B.Y.D. #12: Giant RedwoodsTai Chi and Chai TeaFairplay, COPark
B.Y.D. #14: The Lincoln MemorialTai Chi and Chai TeaFairplay, COPark
B.Y.D. #16: JapanTai Chi and Chai TeaFairplay, COPark
Ghost #2: FairplayJeLyBeanFairplay, COPark
The Meaning of Life (WOM)EoghanJefferson, COPark
Ajax LeafSilver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Aspen Cemetery SearchL-BirdAspen, COPitkin
Devil's PunchbowlSilver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Fox In SoxSilver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Hangman Game 73Silver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Hangman Game 86Silver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Hangman Game 87Silver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Linkin LogsSilver EagleAspen, COPitkin
Mining GhostBaby BearAspen, COPitkin
Potato EaterBaby BearAspen, COPitkin
SlaughterhouseL-BirdAspen, COPitkin
WEL #12 - An Unlikely PairMandy "Cameo"Crested Butte, COPitkin
WEL #2 - Redstone Coke OvensMandy "Cameo"Redstone, COPitkin
Frost DragonThe Wolf FamilySnowmass, COPitkin
Colorado Dog SleddingBaby BearMilner, CORoutt
Go Fish!hound dog5Steamboat Springs, CORoutt
Old Highway 40AzroadieSteamboat Springs, CORoutt
Ski SteamboatBaby BearSteamboat Springs, CORoutt
Wanted: Good WomancodysixSteamboat Springs, CORoutt
Heart and EagleKristal & RonHooper, COSaguache
BreckenridgeCW Sun SeekerBreckenridge, COSummit
Breckenridge BloomCW Sun SeekerBreckenridge, COSummit
Fishy LandBates Family FourBreckenridge, COSummit
Lions & Tigers & Bears - Oh My! (3)CW Sun SeekerBreckenridge, COSummit
Ski BreckenridgeBaby BearBreckenridge, COSummit
The Fun BoxEvergreen6Breckenridge, COSummit
The Grand Timber LetterboxRamdeltBreckenridge, COSummit
Your Wine, SirCW Sun SeekerBreckenridge, COSummit
Mayflower RuinsLiPari5Copper Mountain, COSummit
A Good View (new box placed July 2013)LiPari 5Dillon, COSummit
Dillon Nature Preserve Letterbox HybridAlexsummitDillon, COSummit
Hangman Game 83Silver EagleDillon, COSummit
Angel PenguinBlackvelvetravFrisco, COSummit
B.Y.D. #17: SwedenTai Chi and Chai TeaFrisco, COSummit
FriscoCW Sun SeekerFrisco, COSummit
Historic FriscoQuad-CFrisco, COSummit
MatroshkaTai Chi and Chai TeaFrisco, COSummit
Mountian BlissLiPari 5Frisco, COSummit
Who Was ITai Chi and Chai TeaFrisco, COSummit
All You Need is "LOVE"!Peach & CappyKeystone, COSummit
Continental DivideDrewFamilyKeystone, COSummit
Cabin Sweet CabinFlamingo & SidekickMontezuma, COSummit
Lenawee Trail2skidiversMontezuma, COSummit
Acorn Creek2skidiversSilverthorne, COSummit
BackpackastanpreboxedSilverthorne, COSummit
Froggy Went a Courtin'preboxedSilverthorne, COSummit
Hiking Holiday II - replanted 9/3/08Front Range HikerSilverthorne, COSummit
Silverthorne2skidiversSilverthorne, COSummit
The Gore Range2skidiversSilverthorne, COSummit