Coastal North Carolina Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
The Spirit of Oscar MurrayH.H. GrandparentsWhite Lake, NCBladen
Bald Head Island Loggerhead Sea TurtleAngel WinksBald Head Island, NCBrunswick
Bald Head WildflowerTravel'n TurtleBald Head Island, NCBrunswick
Turtle centers arachnid educationMissMessBald head island, NCBrunswick
4-H Botanical Garden4-H AdventurersBolivia, NCBrunswick
Winding RoadBoomBoomHolden Beach, NCBrunswick
Zombie CrabTPHolden Beach, NCBrunswick
A Stray Cat Lost in The Industrial ParkThe Stray CatsLeland, NCBrunswick
birdbrainsflyingmonkeysleland, NCBrunswick
A Pirate's SecretMnMs4Oak Island, NCBrunswick
Aladdin's Lamp: Carolina in the Morning #2TheBookladyOak Island, NCBrunswick
Carolina PirateMnMs4Oak Island, NCBrunswick
Dolphin RecyclersCoastal ExplorersOak Island, NCBrunswick
Gonzo's Search For KingleysMnMs4Oak Island, NCBrunswick
Mr. Teeth's GetawayMnMs4Oak Island, NCBrunswick
The Ghost ShipMnMs4Oak Island, NCBrunswick
The Sand BucketTravel'n TurtleOak Island, NCBrunswick
Crypto Carolina El Chubacabraflyingmonkeysshallotte, NCBrunswick
Crypto Carolina Thunderbirdflyingmonkeysshallotte, NCBrunswick
Kal-el meets Gollumflyingmonkeysshallotte, NCBrunswick
GraveYard BeeHive MiniBoxTrail BlazersSouthport, NCBrunswick
Indian Trail TreepairofpaddlersSouthport, NCBrunswick
Lighthouse Keeperswan songSouthport, NCBrunswick
Southport " Eskimo Roll"luckylukeSouthport, NCBrunswick
The Visitor's Center LadybugMnMs4Southport, NCBrunswick
Sunrise on SunsetShiawaseSunset Beach, NCBrunswick
Sunset RetreatSWIM4BWAYSunset Beach, NCBrunswick
Bruce Waynes (2)flyingmonkeyssupply, NCBrunswick
Robin (2)flyingmonkeyssupply, NCBrunswick
The Grand SlamMnMs4Winnabow, NCBrunswick
Sprung A LeakCovert OPSSouth Mills, NCCamden
Hoop Pole CreekDianeAtlantic Beach, NCCarteret
Land Ho!Purple Peg LegsBeaufort, NCCarteret
Shackelford Banks Cemetary PrincessLANCEYBeaufort, NCCarteret
Cedar Island LookoutScoutCedar Island, NCCarteret
Frequent FlyerMonarch LadyCedar Point, NCCarteret
The Original HurricanesJonah's WhalersCedar Point, NCCarteret
Lots of LumbernoydbFair Bluff, NCColumbus
Toth's TreenoydbWhiteville, NCColumbus
Cherry Branch and Minnesott Beach FerryPenguin PatrolHavelock, NCCraven
Cherry Point (2)Sneaky SneaksHavelock, NCCraven
Fair Tax #2Sneaky SneaksHavelock, NCCraven
Coffee or Tea?bodyquestNew Bern, NCCraven
Hole #2 Fore!Penguin PatrolNew Bern, NCCraven
Hole #3 Tipping BallPenguin PatrolNew Bern, NCCraven
Hole #4 EaglePenguin PatrolNew Bern, NCCraven
Hole #5 Peek A Boo BallPenguin PatrolNew Bern, NCCraven
Island Creek Forest WalkRzrBckNew Bern, NCCraven
The Birthplace of PepsiPenguin PatrolNew Bern, NCCraven
Where There's Honey...bodyquestNew Bern, NCCraven
a horses tale5 Points???, NCCurrituck
Under Sea Adventures 2Squirtle???, NCCurrituck
Currituck Beach LighthouseEllBeeCorolla, NCCurrituck
LBX in the OBXscottybCorolla, NCCurrituck
OBX - CorollaScoutCorolla, NCCurrituck
OBX - Sunshine Girls! No. 1SunshineGirls!Corolla, NCCurrituck
OBX Pirates IOBXpiratesCorolla, NCCurrituck
OBX Pirates IIOBXpiratesCorolla, NCCurrituck
OBXNCgirlguidesCorolla, NCCurrituck
Running From IreneSquirtleCorolla, NCCurrituck
She Sells SeashellslotusCorolla, NCCurrituck
The Secret IslandChicka-DCorolla, NCCurrituck
The Wright FlightHLRG GirlguidesCorolla, NCCurrituck
End of RoadHLRG GirlguidesCorova, NCCurrituck
OBX - Pine Island Collection (5)ScoutDuck, NCCurrituck
Knotts IslandBeachGalKnotts Island, NCCurrituck
OBX: Surf's Up!NattyBumppo & WalkerOBX, NCCurrituck
Land of the Wild GoosekayaklilSligo, NCCurrituck
Betsy DowdyEllBee???, NCDare
Ghost TownSeadock13???, NCDare
Herbert C.Scout???, NCDare
Swamp Fun--Kitty HawkSeadock13???, NCDare
Canadian HoleScoutAvon, NCDare
Island Creek ButterflyHaskinsHikersAvon, NCDare
Little Kinnakeet LifesaverScoutAvon, NCDare
OBX - AvonScoutAvon, NCDare
Ohio CousinsOhioCousinsAvon, NCDare
268 StepsScoutBuxton, NCDare
A Croatoan ThanksgivingScoutBuxton, NCDare
Biggest Sandcastle Ever!ScoutBuxton, NCDare
Carroll A. DeeringOtis' FriendsBuxton, NCDare
Edward teach Was HereScoutBuxton, NCDare
FresnelScoutBuxton, NCDare
Hatteras HurricanesScoutBuxton, NCDare
In Case You Didn't Know - OBX Stands for Outer BanScoutBuxton, NCDare
Jennette Sedge Trio (3)ScoutBuxton, NCDare
Maggie's First FishScoutBuxton, NCDare
Message In A Bottle (OBX)ScoutBuxton, NCDare
OBX - BuxtonScoutBuxton, NCDare
Shell at Great RidgeScoutBuxton, NCDare
TwelveScoutBuxton, NCDare
U-BoatScoutBuxton, NCDare
Who's The Turkey With the Lighthouse?ScoutBuxton, NCDare
Martians in Frisco!ScoutFrisco, NCDare
OBX - FriscoScoutFrisco, NCDare
OhioWee WalkersFrisco, NCDare
Sunken BattleshipOtis' FriendsFrisco, NCDare
Blue MarlinYankeeChiKHatteras, NCDare
Hatteras JackOtis' FriendsHatteras, NCDare
OBX - HatterasScoutHatteras, NCDare
The Creature of Hatteras InletOtis' FriendsHatteras, NCDare
A Little Shade at the BeachScoutKill Devil Hills, NCDare
OBX - Kill Devil HillsScoutKill Devil Hills, NCDare
OBX - KinnakeetScoutKinnakeet, NCDare
Grateful Letterbox: Jerry's Lullabyzess the treehuggersKitty Hawk, NCDare
OBX - Kitty HawkScoutKitty Hawk, NCDare
OBX - Southern ShoresScoutKitty Hawk, NCDare
SneakyBookworm (WA)Kitty Hawk, NCDare
Virginia Dare - 1587 (2)ScoutKitty Hawk, NCDare
Alligator RiverScoutMann's Harbor, NCDare
A Living TributeWed. Bowler, C. CatManteo, NCDare
OBX - WelcomeScoutManteo, NCDare
Official State Shell: Scotch BonnetWed. Bowler, C. CatManteo, NCDare
The CrabGhost CrabsManteo, NCDare
Castle in the SandWed. Bowler, C. CatNags Head, NCDare
Fun in the SunWed. Bowler, C. CatNags Head, NCDare
Legend of...Wed. Bowler, C. CatNags Head, NCDare
Nags Head NativeWed. Bowler, C. CatNags Head, NCDare
Nags Head Pier (2)Artsy MamaNags Head, NCDare
OBX - Nags HeadScoutNags Head, NCDare
Outer Banks Conservationists: Carolista BaumOtis' FriendsNags Head, NCDare
Outer Banks Conservationists: Frank StickOtis' FriendsNags Head, NCDare
Roanoke Sound Beach HouseScoutNags Head, NCDare
Run, Run!Wed. Bowler, C. CatNags Head, NCDare
Sound Side FishingWed. Bowler, C. CatNags Head, NCDare
TheodosiaOtis' FriendsNags Head, NCDare
Wright FlyerScoutNags Head, NCDare
A Theatrical DiscoveryEric&KatOuter Banks, NCDare
ChicamacomicoScoutRodanthe, NCDare
OBX - Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo (3)ScoutSalvo, NCDare
OBX - WancheseScoutWanchese, NCDare
An Excellent Hiding SpotScoutOcracoke, NCHyde
Banker PoniesScoutOcracoke, NCHyde
Blackbeard's GhostnoydbOcracoke, NCHyde
Cape Hatteras Seashore WebboxAzroadieOcracoke, NCHyde
Higher PorpoiseDogs with WingsOcracoke, NCHyde
OBX - OcracokeScoutOcracoke, NCHyde
Ocean EquestrianScoutOcracoke, NCHyde
OUCH!ScoutOcracoke, NCHyde
Riptide ReptileDogs with WingsOcracoke, NCHyde
Surf's Up Dude!ScoutOcracoke, NCHyde
Mattamuskeet Duck HuntRoscoeSwan Quarter, NCHyde
First :*DannyandToni??, NCJones
Island Creek HideawayRoscoeNew Bern, NCJones
(Love is in the air)(Turtlegirl)carolina beach, NCNew Hanover
Cara and sisters(Turtlegirl)Carolina Beach, NCNew Hanover
Coffee Time(Turtlegirl)Carolina Beach, NCNew Hanover
Follow the Paws 2(Turtlegirl)Carolina Beach, NCNew Hanover
Running Around: 6th Annual Steve Haydu St. Patrick(Turtlegirl)Carolina Beach, NCNew Hanover
'Round the WharfnornahWilmington, NCNew Hanover
1898pairofpaddlersWilmington, NCNew Hanover
Easter Egg Hunt (4) (4)(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
Follow the paws(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
Here Be DragonsnoydbWilmington, NCNew Hanover
Looking for a sale?(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
Mini wheats on the loose #1(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
Mini wheats on the loose #2(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
Monkeying Around the JunctionAdoptableWilmington, NCNew Hanover
Mr. Slate not far from Bedrock(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
Ogdan Park Treasure Box HunttomagoochiWilmington, NCNew Hanover
Old Books on Front StreetpairofpaddlersWilmington, NCNew Hanover
Tennis Anyone?(Turtlegirl)Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
The Sunken Garden (4)MnMs4Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
The Venus Fly TrapkilroyWilmington, NCNew Hanover
Waddle with us: Simple duck (#1)pairofpaddlersWilmington, NCNew Hanover
A Beautiful Day For A Boat RideDay_at_the_BeachCamp Lejeune, NCOnslow
Play 'n AroundDay_at_the_BeachCamp Lejeune, NCOnslow
Hubert Bypass Park 1LibraHubert, NCOnslow
By the AzaleasDay_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
In the Wild (3)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Palms Palms PalmsDay_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
TakeMeOutTotheBallGameDay_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
The_Secret_ Garden (2)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walk'in the Park #2 (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walk'in the Park #3 (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walk'in the Park #4 (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walk'in the Park #5 (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walk'in the Park #6 (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walk'in the Park #7 (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Walkin' the Park (7)Day_at_the_BeachJacksonville, NCOnslow
Oh BuoyCouple of FaithSwansboro, NCOnslow
Swansboro PirateLibraSwansboro, NCOnslow
A Pirate's LifePenguin PatrolArapahoe, NCPamlico
Friendship TreeCovert OPSElizabeth City, NCPasquotank
The Flying Boat"X" Marks the SpotElizabeth City, NCPasquotank
Eating Goober PeasnoydbScotts Hill, NCPender
Gifts of the Magimblurs3Topsail Beach, NCPender
T. I. and Counting!Piper on the TrailTopsail Beach, NCPender
Topsail Treasures Series - The Gold Hole1SGTopsail Beach, NCPender
Farmville WalkaboutWallace ClanFarmville, NCPitt
It's a Garnish, Ma'am!NotMyCircusGreenville, NCPitt
Tar River Tar Heel (2)Nate DawgGreenville, NCPitt
Area 47: Creswell Aliens -MIA?Otis' FriendsCreswell, NCWashington