Central Idaho Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Goodale's Cutoff A-Bear (&J-Bear) Carey, ID Blaine?
The Sawtooth Scene Adoptable Ketchum, ID Blaine?
A-Bear's Purple Gum Drop A-Bear (&J-Bear) Stanley, ID Blaine?
Bark Beetle Nemesis PenGwen Stanley, ID Blaine?
Gold Strike PenGwen Stanley, ID Blaine?
Idaho Bird Azroadie Stanley, ID Blaine?
Cool Sun CW Sun Seeker Sun Valley, ID Blaine?
Ernest Moss Memorial Heihachi Sun Valley, ID Blaine?
Froggy In Paradise Blackvelvetrav Sun Valley, ID Blaine?
Mickey's on Vacation JampersandJ Sun Valley, ID Blaine?
Easter Egg in Arco FrogiNater Arco, ID Butte?
Lost Texan in Missouri FrogiNater Arco, ID Butte?
Stop for a Burger FrogiNater Arco, ID Butte?
Trip To The Moon dragonrider Arco, ID Butte?
Mr. Potato Head Goes Rock Climbing CW Sun Seeker Almo, ID Cassia?
Elephant Rock Moo Poo Oakley, ID Cassia?
AML: TRAVELING IN HIGH HEELS Adoptable Snowville Utah, ID Cassia?
God Bless Texas FrogiNater Challis, ID Custer?
Railroad A-Bear (&J-Bear) Clayton, ID Custer?
Mt. Borah Trailhead Adoptable MacKay, ID Custer?
RI Red Heading Up Chicken-Out Ridge wandaandpete MacKay, ID Custer?
4th of July Wisconsin Hiker Stanley, ID Custer2-3 mi
I Want YOU to Hike! Wisconsin Hiker Stanley, ID Custer5-8 mi
Jonny Quest Wisconsin Hiker Stanley, ID Custer5-8 mi
Obsidian Hill Adoptable Stanley, ID Custer?
Sawtooth Lake Wisconsin Hiker Stanley, ID Custer8+ mi
Sawtooth Valley Meditation Chapel (2) Blackvelvetrav Stanley, ID Custer.1 mi
Sunbeam Springs Cadenza Stanley, ID Custer?
Mountain Beach Microbox Cadenza Stanley (kind of), ID Custer?
Land of the Yankee Fork Series (5) Cadenza Stanley or Challis, ID Custer?
Hagerman Fossil bed Sasquatch Hagerman, ID Gooding?
Pioneer Sheepherder Sasquatch Hagerman, ID Gooding?
Walking the Oregon trail Sasquatch Hagerman, ID Gooding?
Malad Gorge Adoptable Tuttle, ID Gooding?
Flight Deck Stowaway Adoptable Jerome, ID Jerome?
Idaho Historical Marker: Prehistoric Man dragonrider Jerome, ID Jerome?
Moo- what's that smell? FrogiNater jerome, ID Jerome?
Evel Knievel A-Bear (&J-Bear) Twin Falls, ID Jerome?
Birthday Wishes: G-Ma FrogiNater Gibbonsville, ID Lemhi?
Birthday Wishes: Spudnut FrogiNater Gibbonsville, ID Lemhi?
Lewis and Clark: Deep Creek Microbox Cadenza Gibbonsville, ID Lemhi?
Charcoal Kilns Cadenza Leadore (pop. 90=30 miles) Salmon (77 miles), ID Lemhi?
Skull Canyon Cadenza Mud Lake, ID Lemhi?
Sacajawea Cadenza Salmon, ID Lemhi?
Ship's Island? A-Bear (&J-Bear) Salmon, ID Lemhi?
L/C-Horses Baby Bear Tendoy, ID Lemhi?
Baby Duckling A-Bear (&J-Bear) Acequia, ID Minidoka?
Baby Prairie Dog A-Bear (&J-Bear) Acequia, ID Minidoka?
Shrek CW Sun Seeker Acequia, ID Minidoka?
L. P. Ray FrogiNater Bliss, ID Twin Falls?
Prehistoric Fish dragonrider Buhl, ID Twin Falls?
BalancedRock dragonrider Castleford, ID Twin Falls?
The Fossil Horse A-Bear (&J-Bear) Hagerman, ID Twin Falls?
A little birdy told me so Sasquatch Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?
Evel's Scared Dawg PenGwen Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?
Joe's Heart FrogiNater Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?
Mr. Potato Head Blows Bubbles CW Sun Seeker Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?
Mr. Potato Head Goes Dancing CW Sun Seeker Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?
My Footprint A-Bear (&J-Bear) Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?
Wide Mouth Froggi CW Sun Seeker Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls?