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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Endangered Animals of Florida Series: West IndianMoo PooCape Canaveral, FLBrevard
The Past, The Present and the FuturebeachgemgoddessCape Canaveral, FLBrevard
Types of Sushi Series: California RollMoo PooCape Canaveral, FLBrevard
Types of Sushi Series: Ika NigiriMoo PooCape Canaveral, FLBrevard
15 - LoveJoSpeechCocoa, FLBrevard
Junny Rios-MartinezJoSpeechCocoa, FLBrevard
Indian River SailingMoon and SunCocoa village, FLBrevard
Disney MagicTeam GinkgoDisney Magic--Port Canaveral, FLBrevard
Disney Magic Ocean ViewTeam GinkgoDisney Magic--Port Canaveral, FLBrevard
If It Floats Like a DuckTeam GinkgoDisney Wonder--Port Canaveral, FLBrevard
Pirates in the CaribbeanTeam GinkgoDisney Wonder--Port Canaveral, FLBrevard
Chasing Cars LetterboxStar No StarIndialantic, FLBrevard
Sea Scape LetterboxStar No StarIndialantic, FLBrevard
Let The Madness BeginThe AllfatherIndian Harbor Beach, FLBrevard
The Sassy SpiderGirl Scout PowerMalabar, FLBrevard
Wickham fence Geocache HybridGrasshoppers&AntMelborne, FLBrevard
Ducky Mo MoJoSpeechMelbourne, FLBrevard
Flying FishEli and AubreyMelbourne, FLBrevard
Give A Dog A Bone!imwalkingdogsMelbourne, FLBrevard
It's a Sun Shiny DayJoSpeechMelbourne, FLBrevard
Starry Night MelbourneJoSpeechMelbourne, FLBrevard
Stormy DayJoSpeechMelbourne, FLBrevard
There Are More Cattle in Florida Than TexasJ. PeterMelbourne, FLBrevard
Three Sisters Treasure Box JungleSisters ThreeMelbourne, FLBrevard
Diamond in RoughPhin and PepperMerritt Island, FLBrevard
Endangered Animals of Florida Series: Wood StorkMoo PooMerritt Island, FLBrevard
Types of Sushi Series: IkuraMoo PooMerritt Island, FLBrevard
Types of Sushi Series: Tako NigiriMoo PooMerritt Island, FLBrevard
Go Fly Your KiteadlerMicco, FLBrevard
Hangman Game 78Silver EagleMims, FLBrevard
Coconut PalmJoSpeechPalm Bay, FLBrevard
EgretJoSpeechPalm Bay, FLBrevard
Firefly (Serenity)firefly_snatchPalm Bay, FLBrevard
Ginkgo LeafJoSpeechPalm Bay, FLBrevard
Grandpa Dick's LetterboxCape Cod Lightning BPalm Bay, FLBrevard
Let the Sun Shine on YouJoSpeechPalm Bay, FLBrevard
Chelsea's Cruickshank CousinsRockvegas FamilyRockledge, FLBrevard
Sundays PromisegirlsruleRockledge, FLBrevard
The Red River FloraRockvegas FamilyRockledge, FLBrevard
All Things Bright & BeautifuloverroverTitusville, FLBrevard
Eyes of Delespine & Corazon de Dlespine TrailgreeneflowerTitusville, FLBrevard
Hangman Game 77Silver EagleTitusville, FLBrevard
Lift Off! -- N.O.W.Kristal & RonTitusville, FLBrevard
Outta this WorldpawcaTitusville, FLBrevard
Remembering the ChallengerGlory TrainTitusville, FLBrevard
The CaptaindrgdlgTitusville, FLBrevard
Wildlife on the Hammock (7) (7)Glory TrainTitusville, FLBrevard
Ox-bowKirbertCitrus Springs, FLCitrus
Dixie ShoresKirbertCrystal River, FLCitrus
F4U CorsairKirbertCrystal River, FLCitrus
Martin the MarlinKirbertCrystal River, FLCitrus
Swallowtail KiteKirbertCrystal River, FLCitrus
Manatee MemoriesWyandotte WanderersHomosassa, FLCitrus
Beware of Ferocious Dog!KirbertHomosassa Springs, FLCitrus
Tennis AnyoneBowserBrownHomosassa Springs, FLCitrus
Cessna 195KirbertBrooksville, FLHernando
Walking Among the SleepingFlorida GirlsBrooksville, FLHernando
I'm Coveredthe npr familySpring hill, FLHernando
MEET THE BOXERS (9)the npr familySpring hill, FLHernando
Gnome TykeThe Doppelgängers???, FLHillsborough
Hangman Game 68Silver EagleApollo Beach, FLHillsborough
Playground ExtravaganzaDockins8Brandon, FLHillsborough
Are You a Good Witch or a Bad WitchNotMyCircusDurant, FLHillsborough
TECO Line Streetcar (3)NotMyCircusHistoric Ybor, FLHillsborough
Fishhawk's FirstVandernise1Lithia, FLHillsborough
Cypress Creek Nature PreserveKirbertLutz, FLHillsborough
Mirror MysteryHerbiemaniaLutz, FLHillsborough
Trails & TailsTacy TortoiseLutz, FLHillsborough
3 wishesTrailmatesPlant City, FLHillsborough
Florida CrackersAdoptablePlant City, FLHillsborough
Great Postals Never Die (5)NotMyCircusPlant City, FLHillsborough
Hammered! (5)NotMyCircusPlant City, FLHillsborough
Plant a Tree FLpawcaPlant City, FLHillsborough
WanderingNotMyCircusPlant City, FLHillsborough
Boiled PeanutsWisconsin HikerRiverview, FLHillsborough
Signs of a Good Time (6)cuppieRuskin, FLHillsborough
Botany Boxlutz360Seffner, FLHillsborough
GREEN BOXlutz360Seffner, FLHillsborough
Disney DreamLoveable kidssun city, FLHillsborough
Cheeseheads in ParadiseWisconsin HikerSun City Center, FLHillsborough
Sunshine State SunsetpawcaSun City Center, FLHillsborough
A Day at the RacesGoSoxTampa, FLHillsborough
Courtney's Trollhaiku4uTampa, FLHillsborough
Hail Sheena!Tacy TortoiseTampa, FLHillsborough
Island AdventureYe Mystic PirateTampa, FLHillsborough
Key Lime & PieCouple of CooksTampa, FLHillsborough
Let Me See Your Boogalookaley whoo?Tampa, FLHillsborough
Metamorphosis: Florida tadpole/ Florida frog (2)The LionhardtsTampa, FLHillsborough
MOJA starHappy tree climberTampa, FLHillsborough
Ninja Turtle Tools(4) (4)haiku4uTampa, FLHillsborough
Northdale LetterboxWW.WilmaTampa, FLHillsborough
Peacock in the ParkScreeching DragonsTampa, FLHillsborough
Residential RoamingJEldridge(JE)Tampa, FLHillsborough
Rodent Of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.)M.O.U.S.'sTampa, FLHillsborough
The Tiger's HideoutStampin'CatTampa, FLHillsborough
Time Out!NotMyCircusTampa, FLHillsborough
Upper Tampa Bay Park (5)FloridaFourTampa, FLHillsborough
UT PrideDucky and PickleTampa, FLHillsborough
The Tri-fecta BoxLi'l Miss SunshineTampa ???, FLHillsborough
A Canoe Runs Through ItmayaramaThonotosassa, FLHillsborough
A Hillsborough Spillway ViewM&M MeltedThonotosassa, FLHillsborough
Looking for happiness - newly relocatedMamaJulieWestchase, FLHillsborough
Just a Memory Series (4)SOCKS3Orchid, FLIndian River
Sebastian Stormwater Park (3)CityOfSebastianSebastian, FLIndian River
Tarpon!The Merry PrankstersSebastian, FLIndian River
IRC Library - "Orange you glad you stopped byThe Merry PrankstersVero Beach, FLIndian River
National Wildlife Refuge SeriesHand Carved (4)The Merry PrankstersVero Beach, FLIndian River
Sweet Fun in the Sun!Sweet as Honey CrewVero Beach, FLIndian River
GS Girl PowerGS PowerClermont, FLLake
Our Dog's NameFour StarsClermont, FLLake
The Happy HopperWild RoseClermont, FLLake
The International TravelerhaniwaEustis, FLLake
Quest AirKirbertGroveland, FLLake
fish talesteam grumpyleesburg, FLLake
King in OkahumpkaThe Christmas ElvesLeesburg, FLLake
3 Trees (3)3 Ps in a PodMt. Dora, FLLake
The Gingerbread ManaltcharPaisley, FLLake
CFLLB - The Sandhill CranesThree HeartsSorrento, FLLake
I *heart* NanamegaknitsTavares, FLLake
Big BillGeometry JunkieCedar Key, FLLevy
Manny the ManateeBass FamilyChiefland, FLLevy
Fannin SpringsKirbertFanning Springs, FLLevy
Inglis Bypass SpillwayKirbertInglis, FLLevy
Devil's DenKirbertWilliston, FLLevy
A Peaceful JourneyJCX05Ocala, FLMarion
Big Daddy's RideKirbertOcala, FLMarion
Brick City QuarryPeetieOcala, FLMarion
Letterboxing I-75: FloridaJacob§mallOcala, FLMarion
Our First KissFour StarsOcala, FLMarion
Salute to Veterans3 Ps in a PodOcala, FLMarion
Scott Springs LetterboxTree HuggerOcala, FLMarion
The Cave3 Ps in a PodOcala, FLMarion
Walking Path3 Ps in a PodOcala, FLMarion
Girl Scout only (3)GS leader miss TiffanyOrange Springs, FLMarion
Watch Out For That.......!The GamecockSalt Springs, FLMarion
Orlando Playground Collection: Are You My Mother?Moo Poo???, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: Good Night Moon BonMoo Poo???, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: Harold and the PurpMoo Poo???, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: Madeline Bonus BoxMoo Poo???, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: The Story of BabarMoo Poo???, FLOrange
CFLLB: Lake LotusTerras4TheHuntAltamonte Springs, FLOrange
Totally Tubularc-dreamsApopka, FLOrange
Types of Sushi Series: TemakiMoo PooApopka/ Sorrento, FLOrange
Hangman Game 75Silver EagleChristmas, FLOrange
Scattered Guardrails: Welcome to ChristmaspawcaChristmas, FLOrange
OrphanOrlando Art & AboutFort Christmas, FLOrange
Here's To AdventuresThe UnmentionablesKissimmee, FLOrange
Last Little LadybugwandaandpeteKissimmee, FLOrange
Aloha from Polynesia! (2)Ralph SpoilsportLake Buena Vista, FLOrange
Christmas at Disneyworld -- N.O.W.Kristal & RonLake Buena Vista, FLOrange
On our way.... to Disney! #5The Starr FamilyLake Buena Vista, FLOrange
Piglet SingsThe WoodshedLake Buena Vista, FLOrange
You Are Here--Damaged and Needs Repair--Check BackTeam GinkgoLake Buena Vista, FLOrange
The Wilderness Lodge Letterbox/Totem polemarleyshackLake Buena Vista-Disneyworld, FLOrange
Goliath Is Missing!SilvernymphMaitland, FLOrange
Lake Lily (3)Team GinkgoMaitland, FLOrange
Maitland Art Centerlorax & mischief catMaitland, FLOrange
Marilyn's Pumpkin PatchTroop BoxerMaitland, FLOrange
My Neighbor Totoro, FLlorax & mischief catMaitland, FLOrange
Orangewood boxTroop BoxerMaitland, FLOrange
The Sewing StudioTeam GinkgoMaitland, FLOrange
In Bloom - OaklandTerras4TheHuntOakland, FLOrange
Woodland Creatures Series (3)Terras4TheHuntOakland, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: MadelineMoo PooOcoee, FLOrange
여보세요,Iron BlosamOrlando, FLOrange
8 Laws of HealthThe SZ TeamOrlando, FLOrange
All Godzillas Go To Heaven (4)TheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Bunk Baxter: Alligator WrestlerOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Curious George MicroboxTeam GinkgoOrlando, FLOrange
Cycle of LifeOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Dottie's Egg 2RachinaOrlando, FLOrange
Dragon's BreathScreeching DragonsOrlando, FLOrange
Dragon's TreasureScreeching DragonsOrlando, FLOrange
Endangered and Threatened Species of Orange County (6)Moo PooOrlando, FLOrange
Femme Fatales by Godzilla (5)TheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Flying SouthHappy PapayaOrlando, FLOrange
Games People Play - 1lorax & mischief catOrlando, FLOrange
Godzilla Does Orlando (5)TheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Godzilla vs. Mecha-KongTheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Godzilla's Ultimate Bonus BoxTheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Grateful Bear HitchhikeradlerOrlando, FLOrange
Hangman Game 74Silver EagleOrlando, FLOrange
Happy Trails, FLlorax & mischief catOrlando, FLOrange
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - FLKnotGrowingUpOrlando, FLOrange
Hidden Treasures UnmentionablesThe UnmentionablesOrlando, FLOrange
I See Godzilla (4)TheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Joe TinkerSilver EagleOrlando, FLOrange
Let's Go Astros!!runsforchocolateOrlando, FLOrange
Lost: Orlando the GrindylowHurricane MarthaOrlando, FLOrange
O-Town Godzilla (4)TheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
OOALC: Fun SpotMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
OOALC: Holy Land ExperienceMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
OOALC: iFly (SkyVenture)Moo PooOrlando, FLOrange
OOALC: Pirate's Dinner AdventureMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
OOALC: The Mall at MilleniaMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
Orlando Parks & Lakes: Baby Sand Pipe's MermaifalzoniaOrlando, FLOrange
Orlando Parks & Lakes: Pileated WoodpeckerfalzoniaOrlando, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: Good Night MoonMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: The Story of BabarMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
Quest EternalOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Serenity by the LakeOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
The Best Burger in TownScattOrlando, FLOrange
The Building Blocks of our FutureNature's SymphonyOrlando, FLOrange
The First Task/Harry PotterambrosiamomOrlando, FLOrange
The Frog at Barnett ParkOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
The Great American HorseOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
The Great American Pin-Up Series: TinkLock, Shock & BarrelOrlando, FLOrange
The StarOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
The Tree of PhilosophyOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Things Godzilla Will Eat (6)TheRealGodzillaOrlando, FLOrange
Tower of LightOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Types of Sushi Series: Ebi NigiriMoo PooOrlando, FLOrange
Waverly SkylineOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Winged RunnerOrlando Art & AboutOrlando, FLOrange
Winter ParadiseTeam GinkgoOrlando, FLOrange
The Cat's Meow in Orlando FLThe Cat's MeowOrlando FL, FLOrange
Cross Seminole/Cady Way Trail (3)Team GinkgoOrlando/Oviedo, FLOrange
"Pooh and Friends"FabfaubsWalt Disney World, FLOrange
Hangman Game 76Silver EagleWedgefield, FLOrange
Citrus SkyOrlando Art & AboutWinter Garden, FLOrange
Cycling is Fun Series (4)megaknitsWinter Garden, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: Are You My Mother?Moo PooWinter Garden, FLOrange
Orlando Playground Collection: Harold and the PurpMoo PooWinter Garden, FLOrange
BowWow BunchBowWow BunchWinter Park, FLOrange
Earth Day Series - Synonymous With Nature Loverlorax & mischief catWinter Park, FLOrange
MOTHER'S DAY at Winter ParkTroop BoxerWinter Park, FLOrange
Receptualistic PyramidOrlando Art & AboutWinter Park, FLOrange
The Winter Park SinkholeThe2LadyBugsWinter Park, FLOrange
Computer Code 2Silver EagleKissimmee, FLOsceola
Disney Gone WildSilver EagleKissimmee, FLOsceola
Happy Thanksgiving Disney StyleGoose HuntersKissimmee, FLOsceola
Boxing With CrabbySits N KnitsSt. Cloud, FLOsceola
shortcutgeo girl Florida, FLPasco
Alpha Sigma TaumayaramaDade City, FLPasco
2014 PAL Day LOL boxgeo girlLand o Lakes, FLPasco
Marchmont Kids V 2.0HerbiemaniaLand O Lakes, FLPasco
Wilderness GSWilderness GSLand O Lakes, FLPasco
Cup Of LoveHerbiemanialutz, FLPasco
Wally the Spydergeo girlLutz, FLPasco
A little Starkey Land HistoryThe Bacca FourceNew Port Richey, FLPasco
Peace Lilycountry duoNew Port RIchey, FLPasco
Veteran's WalkRamblin manNew Port Richey, FLPasco
Gator's Nest #3californiakidsPort Richey, FLPasco
Lion's PrideShadowSpiritSaint Leo, FLPasco
Republic XF-84H ThunderscreechKirbertZephyrhills, FLPasco
Yarrr!!The Doppelgängers???, FLPinellas
Caledesi Island- Paradise FoundseekherClearwater, FLPinellas
Philippe ParkseekherClearwater, FLPinellas
Satety HarborseekherClearwater, FLPinellas
Stop & Drop Inn: Hitchhiker HotelFloridaFourclearwater, FLPinellas
Whimzey's PlaceseekherClearwater, FLPinellas
Bird Island ViewWild DreamsClearwater Beach, FLPinellas
Sand Key ParkWild DreamsClearwater Beach, FLPinellas
Save Our Sea TurtlesWild DreamsClearwater Beach, FLPinellas
Honeymoon Island TreasureLollypopDunedin, FLPinellas
Rox BoxDoyIndian Rocks Beach, FLPinellas
Hooper-Katrina SurvivorHooper-Katrina SurvivorLargo, FLPinellas
Wind and WaterskyLargo, FLPinellas
Fleas? ......plueeeze!geo girlOldsmar, FLPinellas
Nature Club #1Gray CatOldsmar, FLPinellas
Wildlife of Chesnut Park (3)FloridaFourPalm Harbor, FLPinellas
Wildlife of Chesnut Park: The WatcherFloridaFourPalm Harbor, FLPinellas
Sawgrass Secret Zoo - ***No longer active***penguin1of3Pinellas Park, FLPinellas
GasparSmooth SailingSaint Petersburg, FLPinellas
Gaspar's TreasureSmooth SailingSaint Petersburg, FLPinellas
Scrabble Piece (7)Leshley O'CDSeminole, FLPinellas
Trains, Bikes, and Bushes: Pinellas Trail LetterbolsonexplorersSeminole, FLPinellas
DreamcatcherSiebranSt Petersburg, FLPinellas
Bayside BountyFunhogSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
Boyd Hill Park Letterboxgeo girlSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
Boyd Hill's Hidden Creatures (3) (3)The NarglesSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
Cat Lost In ParkRamen LambSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
coffee pot bayoubutterflyst. petersburg, FLPinellas
Fort De SotoCrajanSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
Haslam's BooksFlorida SunsetsSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
SpoonbillFunhogSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
The Ruby LetterboxTrippingBillieSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
Walk Around the LakePossum SunsSt. Petersburg, FLPinellas
On The Peninsula (2)Ramen LambSt. Petersburg, FL, FLPinellas
Family of SixFamily of 6Tarpon Springs, FLPinellas
Sponge Capital of the WorldWee WalkersTarpon Springs, FLPinellas
Up, Up & Awaylookin4mooseTarpon Springs, FLPinellas
Sunset Over the BeachkilroyTreasure Island, FLPinellas
The PiratekilroyTreasure Island, FLPinellas
TIGERBOX!TheRealGodzillaTreasure Island, FLPinellas
Orange BlossomDavidandKaaren??, FLPolk
RefreshingDavidandKaaren???, FLPolk
Crickettes In The CitySmooth SailingBartow, FLPolk
Evander M LawNotMyCircusBartow, FLPolk
Gateway & TrailsSoaring Highbartow, FLPolk
Out of the ParkSwanMamaBartow, FLPolk
The Past In The PresentSmooth SailingBartow, FLPolk
Ya-Yas 2014RedSwanFrostproof, FLPolk
Lake MarionKirbertHaines City, FLPolk
Cow Camp Hidey HolerabidabbeyLake Wales, FLPolk
HappyCowLibertLake Wales, FLPolk
Hidey Hole IIJack CraftLake Wales, FLPolk
At The LibraryRedSwanLakeland, FLPolk
City Of LakelandcapecodletterboxerLakeland, FLPolk
Dog Scout Day: Duffy the GoldenNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Double Double, Toil and Trouble (7)RedSwanLakeland, FLPolk
Edward ScissorhandsNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
FCR's---Don't Bug Me (6)Fish's Card RoomLakeland, FLPolk
Find Drac (4)Fish's Card RoomLakeland, FLPolk
Gnome Day 2014: Lumwinkle the InstigatorNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Happy Birthday, Marin! (4)NotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
It's All Fun & Games 'Til...NotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Crystal LakeSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Lake BonnySailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Lake JohnSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Lake MirrorSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Lake MortonSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Lake ParkerSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
Lakeland's Lakes- Lake SomersetSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
MaggieNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Must Love DogsSailmatesLakeland, FLPolk
On Your Left!NotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Pentacle of BesomsNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5aKirbertLakeland, FLPolk
Ship To NowhereNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
The Deciding FactorNotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
The Oak TreeRedSwanLakeland, FLPolk
The Tortoise and The Hare (2)NotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
Undercover in LakelandbogeybillLakeland, FLPolk
Where Everybody Knows Your Name (3)NotMyCircusLakeland, FLPolk
You're in Scrub Jay Habitat2oldquackersLakeland, FLPolk
Treasure Box at AvianaklwhtLoughman, FLPolk
Fish, Birds & Bugs (3)bogeybillMulberry, FLPolk
Winter Haven (2)NotMyCircusWinter Haven, FLPolk
Cranes RoostThe B HuntersAltamonte Springs, FLSeminole
CFLLB - Orange You a Mickey Fan?Three HeartsApopka, FLSeminole
Thinking of HomeJ. PeterGeneva, FLSeminole
Lady Liberty at Liberty ParkTrue Blue DogsLake Mary, FLSeminole
On our way.... to Disney! #4The Starr FamilyLake Mary, FLSeminole
The Hulk Visits FloridaDavidandKaarenLongwood, FLSeminole
The SenatorSilver EagleLongwood, FLSeminole
TYPES OF SUSHI SERIES: Sake Nigiri, Maguro Nigiri, (3)Moo PooLongwood/ Altamonte Springs, FLSeminole
Adventure Stories Series: Swiss Family RobinsonThree HeartsOviedo, FLSeminole
Dragon's BeginningScreeching DragonsOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsKnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsKnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceKnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixKnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone - FLKnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Series (3)KnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter: Hidden Horcrux's Series (8)KnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter: Quest to Unite The Four Houses (4)KnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Harry Potter: The Last StandKnotGrowingUpOviedo, FLSeminole
Hike-ooh (Haiku)lorax & mischief catOviedo, FLSeminole
The Adventure Stories Series: Bridge to TerabithiaThree HeartsOviedo, FLSeminole
The Adventure Stories Series: Peter PanThree HeartsOviedo, FLSeminole
The Adventure Stories Series: Tuck EverlasatingThree HeartsOviedo, FLSeminole
The Florida Black BearThree HeartsOviedo, FLSeminole
Trailing It (2)Fairville FrontierOviedo/Winter Springs, FLSeminole
"I'm Mister..."Wed. Bowler, C. CatSanford, FLSeminole
Box the First: The Bad BeginningDavidandKaarenSanford, FLSeminole
Brownies 1776Brownies1776Sanford, FLSeminole
Christian Series 1: Good News (2)God's GirlSanford, FLSeminole
Double MTroop BoxerSanford, FLSeminole
Elephas MaximasDavidandKaarenSanford, FLSeminole
Flower PowerFlower Power 3Sanford, FLSeminole
Giddy-Up, Horsey: A Word Scramble AdventureGod's GirlSanford, FLSeminole
Old GloryGod's GirlSanford, FLSeminole
Rapid Transit Hitch Hiker DepotGod's GirlSanford, FLSeminole
Sanford SoapboxepiphanySanford, FLSeminole
All Aboard (Tavares, FL)The J BirdsTavares, FLSeminole
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanKnotGrowingUpWinter Park, FLSeminole
Fairville FrontierFairville FrontierWinter Springs, FLSeminole
Lieutenant LisaShadowSpiritBushnell, FLSumter
Fishin' Daze (2)JustHappy2CyaLake Panasoffkee, FLSumter
"Punky Does Daytona"eddiegDaytona Beach, FLVolusia
Alligator MississippiensisdrgdlgDaytona Beach, FLVolusia
Christian Series 2: Genesis 1: 9-10, 20-21 (2)God's GirlDaytona Beach, FLVolusia
Georgi & Buster Do DaytonaeddiegDaytona Beach, FLVolusia
Woof! Here, Kitty, Kitty.God's GirlDaytona Beach, FLVolusia
Flat Danley Goes to FloridaSnow CatDaytona Beach Shores, FLVolusia
The Coral SnakeThree HeartsDe Land, FLVolusia
The Julia ButterflyThree HeartsDe Land, FLVolusia
Types of Sushi Series: Tamago NigiriMoo PooDe Leon Springs, FLVolusia
Buffett HeadThe GamecockDeBary, FLVolusia
DeBary's Backcountry QuestRiverQuesterDeBary, FLVolusia
Disney Lovers- Donald and DaisydrgdlgDeBary, FLVolusia
Hontoon-Swamp (6)troop_343Deland, FLVolusia
Persimmon Hollow QuestRiverQuesterDeLand, FLVolusia
Moonshadowlorax & mischief catDeLeon Springs, FLVolusia
Morning Has Brokenlorax & mischief catDeLeon Springs, FLVolusia
I'm a Little TeapotThree HeartsDeltona, FLVolusia
None of us can choose where we will love...Three HeartsDeltona, FLVolusia
Oh, That Scamp! (Cootie)Three HeartsDeltona, FLVolusia
Tropical Storm ErnestoMrsQuackDeltona, FLVolusia
Daughters of Eve: Red RobinDaughters of EveEdgewater, FLVolusia
Kingsbury's QuestRiverQuesterEnterprise, FLVolusia
3-2-1 Blast-off!drgdlgNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Daughters of Eve: Crazy DaisyDaughters of EveNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Daughters of Eve: Petal PixieDaughters of EveNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Hibiscus ChristmasQuillNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Manatee MagicQuillNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Meltdown AdventuresJPH the Leaf LadyNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Seminole Clan Series: Otter ClanQuillNew Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
National Drive-Thru DaydrgdlgNew Snyrna Beach, FLVolusia
Daughters of Eve: Kutie KoalaDaughters of EveOak Hill, FLVolusia
Houston AstrosBaby BearOrange City, FLVolusia
Take me out to the Ball Game - Veteran's MemorialFrogGuruOrange City, FLVolusia
Surfin' GatorGod's GirlOrmond Beach, FLVolusia
The Fairchild Oak LetterboxdonnaOrmond Beach, FLVolusia
Mosquito Inlet LighthousedrgdlgPonce Inlet, FLVolusia
Myrtle the TurtleNotMyCircusPonce Inlet, FLVolusia
Seminole Clan Series: Wind ClanQuillPonce Inlet, FLVolusia